Chantelle & Joel – Engaged!

Joel and Chantelle were introduced through a mutual friend and started communicating online, neither of them anticipating the kind of feelings that would develop between them.

They lived provinces apart – Chantelle in Edmonton, Alberta and Joel in Brampton, Ontario – and they had no idea that soon, unseen forces would bring them together.

They spoke online every single day for hours on end – excitement and admiration blooming all the while. They couldn’t wait to hear from each other. After several weeks of talking, they finally met when Chantelle came back to her hometown of Toronto to go to school, and, surprised by how strong their connection was, they immediately became a couple.

After two years, Joel asked Chantelle to be his wife. This couple is a sight to behold – they emanate warmth, adoration and deep affection. It’s evident that they care so deeply about each other. Their big day is quickly approaching – On March 23rd (in 2 weeks!) they will be husband and wife!

ChantelleJoelLargeLR-9 ChantelleJoelLargeLR

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