Anne & Helio – Married!

AnneHelioFB26Anne and Helio are such a fun pair who kept eachother – and me – laughing all throughout their special day.

After seven years together, these two had a lovely afternoon wedding on June 8, 2013 at a beautiful Mississauga estate called the Glenerin Inn, surrounded by lighthearted and enthusiastic support. It was clear that Anne is usually the life of the party, so naturally everyone had a great time.
On the morning of their wedding I met Anne in her suite at the Glenerin where she had spent the night. She, her two daughters (from a previous marriage) and her maid of honour – a dear friend of 30 years – donned co-ordinating silk robes as they got ready. The atmosphere was exuberant. Such lively excitement filled the air as the ladies in that room joked, shared stories, and talked about the occasion.

There were many special personal touches to this wedding. Anne wore her grandmother’s wedding ring alongside her engagement ring as a tribute to her and a beautiful reminder of enduring love.
A friend who had actually started as her daughters’ hairstylist came to do Anne’s hair.
Anne’s sister had given her a silver coin to signify good luck so she carried it in her shoe.
Anne’s best friend Heidi made the bouquets, centrepieces, and other beautiful details.

Heidi’s daughter, manager of Toronto’s Queen Street Terroni restaurant, made the wedding cake, topped with a gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers.
They drank from a ‘love cup’, called a quaich, brought by a friend from Scotland, which is said to connect whoever drinks from it together… and other special touches added to the memorable experience of their unique day.
Through all the belly laughs, wide smiles and fun times, there was also a tenderness about Anne and Helio’s love. It was an honour to photograph their special day and I wish them a lifetime of the enduring, happy love they so evidently share.


7 thoughts on “Anne & Helio – Married!

  1. How beautiful and fun! Every detail is exceptional and meaningful. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations!

  2. Anne,
    What a lovely surprise to learn aobut your special day. Thank you for sharing with me, and I wish you and Helio all the very best in your journey through your life together. Congratulations!

  3. Dear Anne
    I was delighted and touched to see you and Helio so happy and enjoying your wedding. Anne, you looked beautiful on your wedding day! What a happy occasion.!
    Sandy (Forsyth)

  4. We are so happy with your pictures and your blog of our wedding Anastasia! You were so discreet, weaving in and out of our special day, capturing both joyful and humourous moments for us to remember forever. We couldn’t get over how you caught the spirit of our relationship and rendered a beautiful memento we will treasure always. Thank you so much!! Anne & Helio

  5. You looked absolutely stunning!! I hope you had a fantastic time and wish you all the happiness in the world! I miss you!

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