Porter Airlines – Portraits of Robert Deluce

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Porter Airlines founder and CEO Robert Deluce for a travel industry magazine that’s re-branding and featuring Porter in their inaugural issue under their new name.

Mr. Deluce was incredibly friendly and it was very fun spending time with him and touring Billy Bishop airport.

I even got to walk on the tarmac and photograph planes as they took off and landed, and was thrilled to be invited inside one of the planes to photograph the interior, including the cockpit!

Thank you very much to the Porter team who was so hospitable during our visit!

I’ll add details about the travel company as soon as I’m authorized to do so!

RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-3 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-5 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-6 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-7 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-9 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-10 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-12RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-20RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-11 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-18RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-17RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-13

RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-19   RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-21 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-22 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-23 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-24 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-25 RobertDeluceLRFBWM2.jpg-26

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