Miss F’s Boudoir Shoot – Appreciating Self

Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0065Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0067 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0083
Miss F (name withheld for anonymity) had been thinking about doing a boudoir session for herself for ages. She’s turning 40 soon (can you believe it?) and she finally decided to just jump right in and give it a go.

I was taking a plunge with this one too – it was my first time being asked to do a boudoir session, but I was more than happy to give it a shot – I loved the idea of celebrating yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.

Miss F found me through her sister who has seen some of my other work, and she connected the two of us. I’m so glad she did, because this was such a fun day.

F and I looked into hotels and decided on one for the shoot, and I brought on Makeup by Carmela to pamper and polish this already ravishing woman. We wanted sultry, relaxed, va-va-voom without overdoing it. She did a superb job on the hair and makeup!

On the day of the shoot we all relaxed, joked around, and just enjoyed each other’s company. The photo portion flowed really nicely, with Miss F being a phenomenal model taking creative direction but also *totally* turning the hotness up to 11. To be honest, it wasn’t hard considering she’s a knockout bombshell, but it was important for me that she *felt* comfortable and beautiful, since that’s inevitably what makes a person look their best.

In the end, I think the day went absolutely wonderfully. We had a really great time and the photos turned out just like I had envisioned: feminine, romantic, sultry, almost filmic. Classy, not trashy. I think that’s what a boudoir session celebrating yourself should be.

Thanks so much for a marvellous, memorable time, ladies!

Much love,

Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0066 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0068 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0073 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0069 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0070 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0082 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0071 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0075 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0076 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0077 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0072 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0074 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0085 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0078 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0079 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0080 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0086 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0088 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0087 Toronto Boudoir - Miss F_0081


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