Nikki & Andrew’s Nostalgic Guelph Engagement Session

Nikki and Andrew met at the start of their university careers, at the University of Guelph. Both of them didn’t know what the future had in store for them, and they became really great friends throughout their undergrad. Back then … Continue reading

Lesley & Peter’s Sports & Nature Engagement Session

LesleyPeterEngagementLRWM-45 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0400

Lesley and Peter are big sports fans – They particularly enjoy watching Raptors basketball and Maple Leafs hockey games. They also like going to concerts. With that in mind, since I love photographing couples in environments that reflect their unique story, it just made sense to photograph part of their engagement session at the Air Canada Centre. This was a unique location that was a lot of fun to shoot! I asked Lesley and Peter to bring a basketball to their session to incorporate as a cheeky little prop – and I just adore how cutely it showcased this couple’s super cute height difference when we had Lesley stand on it to reach Peter for a kiss!

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0399Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0398Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0397Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0396

After the ACC we headed on over the High Park, a location that’s been so popular this month thanks to the Sakura blooms. But, this couple was super happy to explore the park to check out the various totally awesome, unique areas it has to offer. And I *love* exploring, so this was a tonne of fun for me as well! That’s pretty much how I like to work anyway – We pick a spot, go for a walk and chat, and I get all excited when I see some amazing light or a wicked cool backdrop to use.

We had such a nice time, and I’m so looking forward to photographing Lesley and Peter’s wedding at Marquis Gardens in Burlington on August 29th!
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0403 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0409 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0411 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0408 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0405 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0406Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0401Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0404  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0412 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0413 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0410 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0402 LesleyPeterEngagementLRWM-44

And now for some words from the lovebirds themselves!

“The past 4 years have been quite the journey!  From traveling the world, sharing in our love for the Toronto Raptors/Maple Leafs, experimenting with cooking to enjoying the nature around us, these have been the solid foundations of our relationship.

We wanted the locations of our engagement shoot to represent a part of who we are as a couple. We spend a lot of time at the ACC cheering on the Raptors and Leafs and seeing our favourite bands in concert so we knew it had to be our first stop!

We are both very excited to begin a new chapter in our lives together and look forward to everything that will come our way on this great adventure!”

Thanks so much for sharing your story, guys! And thanks for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful love ❤

Olive Photography

Susan & Ike – Married at Rosewater Room

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0371Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0365

Susan and Ike got married at Rosewater Room in downtown Toronto – I love a full-on city wedding – lots of fun and totally interesting locations for photos!

Susan and Ike have a love that is without pretension, is youthful and jovial, joyful and free – They care about each other with a confident and beautiful abandon – two individual souls who can exist and support one another in the most admiring way.I was really touched watching how magnetically drawn to each other they are, seeming completely elated to be in each other’s arms, yet also how totally happy they are watching each other enjoy themselves in the crowd of loved ones from afar – What I’m trying to say is, this couple has a bond that goes deep, and it was an honour to photograph their wedding at Rosewater on Saturday.

Their speeches included words to each other that had this photographer teary-eyed and completely smitten being in the presence of this amazing love. The love was also echoed all around by every single one of their guests who was so impassionately excited to be there. Susan and Ike’s crew is tight. I photographed their friends Eini and Celso’s wedding last year and this large, rambunctious and completely fun group was all there – it’s so cool and inspiring to see such a large group of friends and family be so gosh-darned close.

Susan and Ike’s wedding day had a number of personalized touches. Their cakes were made by a friend, and the groom’s cake was a surprise, made to look like a DJ mixing board since Ike loves to DJ. It even lit up! All the flowers, including bouquets, boutonnieres and centrepieces, were made by an incredibly talented friend/bridesmaid. They had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony to honour their family background. And, perhaps coolest of all, all their wedding day events took place within a few city blocks of where they live! Rosewater, where they got married, is so close to their home, and and we chose to walk around the neighbourhood with their wedding party, shining some new light on the locations they go by on a daily basis – love how personal that was to them!

Anyhow, I’ll stop gushing about these two and let you see some of their photos now — and don’t forget to check out the bottom of the post for some words from our newlyweds themselves! Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0356Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0363Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0366 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0367 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0369 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0364Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0358Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0368Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0360Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0357   Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0370 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0359 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0361Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0362 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0376 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0375 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0374 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0355 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0354 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0372 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0377 wedding photography Toronto

Now some words from the newlyweds!

– What were your favourite wedding day moments (each of you, or one of you)?  The first time we saw each other on our wedding day and walking down the aisle. Him: walking through our neighbourhood and capturing us in the area we live in. – Were there any noteworthy challenges to planning your wedding?

Trying to maintain your patience and remaining calm:) If you can work through that, you can work through anything!
– Now that you’re wedding planning pros & newlyweds, do you have advice for engaged couples planning their wedding?
Know that all that planning and preparation will culminate in a single day that will go by all too quickly, so savour every moment of that day.
Vendor Details:
– Photography: Olive Photography

– Dress Designer: David’s Bridal Galina Signature – Suit: Freeman’s Formal – Cake: Eini & Co
– Flowers: Bridesmaid
– Makeup: Iris Liu
– Hair: Davis Lau – Studio 39

Scarlett & Atul’s High Park Sakura Engagement Session

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0380 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0379

They met in Taipei, then, as though living in a movie, they met up in many cities around the world before finally deciding to settle in together where he lived, in Toronto. Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0388Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0387Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0390Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0384Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0385 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0392
From the couple themselves:
“Our story is very simple, with just a tiny bit of a modern twist. We were both working too hard and didn’t have the time nor the luck to find the other half. Then we met online and everything just clicked so well and so soon. After meeting for the first time in Taipei (4 months into knowing each other), we knew we found our better halves. Over the course of the following year, we made plans to meet each other in different cities of the world since we both traveled a lot at work anyways. And by the 20th month or so we were engaged and I left my job, my family and my country behind and moved to the other hemisphere to start our new life together with him. As for why we wanted the cherry blossoms for our engagement session, it’s even simpler. Just like how we found each other, the Sakura photo is also a simple timing thing. Such a gorgeous bloom, so rare and precious, and just as luck would have it, it’s in season just around the same time as we were looking for engagement photos. So we figured, why not? This coincidence/timing is just like us, a sort of meant-to-be thing.”
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0386Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0381Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0382
Thank you for inviting me into your lives to document this special time, lovebirds. Though I am already booked on your wedding day, it was an honour to still spend time in the presence of your love and photograph your full-on, smile-inducing joy ❤ Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0383 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0389

With love,

Olive Photography

Photographers have PD days too – Shooting in Mid-Day Sun

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0343Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0345
Today I went out and photographed during many photographers’ nightmare: Mid-Day Sun. (Eek!) If you’ve ever booked a session with a photographer chances are they’ve tried to schedule the session during sunset, sunrise, or some time other than noon or 1pm. There’s good reason for this – With the sun high up in the sky during mid afternoon it’s usually super bright, causing subjects to squint and creating harsh ‘hot spots’/bright spots to appear on faces and clothes, and generally the light can be quite strong and unforgiving. So, many photographers understandably avoid shooting during this time altogether. But, as much as other times may be favourable, we can’t always choose when a photo session will happen, and so it’s important to be equipped with techniques that make you adaptable in all sorts of situations. So, though I already have some techniques up my sleeve, I wanted to learn more, and I spent some time with another awesome Toronto photographer named Hugh Whitaker who had some awesome pointers – thanks again, Hugh! It was super fun taking some time to go out and shoot for fun – bonus that I got to hang out with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while on a beautiful day. (Shoutout to Monika and Dave for being such awesome models today – thanks, guys! And happy almost 3 year anniversary!) Though Mister Sun didn’t come out to play too much, I experimented with some new techniques I definitely plan to continue using. Anywho, thought I’d share a couple of photos from today’s Professional Development/fun shoot – it’s always nice learning and trying out new stuff! Mid-day Summer sun, maybe we can be friends? 😛 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive PhotographyToronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0346Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0351 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0348
Toronto wedding photographerToronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0350 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0353 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0352

Attention, Couples! Why is a Wedding Day Itinerary important?


Why is a wedding day itinerary important? 

Your wedding day is such a whirlwind of events, and it’s easy to get lost in the flow of it all – And that’s totally ok! It’s super important for you to be able to relax and be present, truly enjoying your day without a worry.

Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0137 Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0130

But, in order to be able to do that, some planning before your big day is so critical. For example, it’s amazingly helpful to have a detailed itinerary for your wedding day planned out. With so many events going on, it’s so beneficial to have a guideline as to how much time there is for the different parts of the day. 

You spend seemingly endless hours planning out the many aspects of your big day, and it’s important to allot enough time to properly document them, as well as for them to actually happen! 

 Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0107 Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0113 Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0120

Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0115

Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0139

Now, having a detailed itinerary may sound rather rigid, and isn’t good wedding photography about being relaxed and capturing real moments as they happen? The answer is YES! Trust me, having a realistic timeline in place does not mean the actual day can’t be documented organically, full of candid and wonderful moments. The itinerary just means enough time has been given for each part of your day, allowing us all to be more relaxed and letting those moments flow without a quickly ticking clock and a feeling of being rushed. (Who wants to feel rushed on their wedding day?… I’m guessing not you!)
JodiBradWeddingWeb-002Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0125

When couples book with me, I e-mail them a sample itinerary I created with one of my past brides, along with suggested times for certain parts of the day to help ensure we get the shots we need – And couples really appreciate this! Having a plan with allotted times (including enough ‘cushion time’ since wedding days to often veer off schedule a bit) really helps ensure the day goes smoothly. 

Big bonus: The time we spend planning out your itinerary before your big day means you can rest easy and truly be present on your wedding day, knowing all the key things have been accounted for. 

And a relaxed couple means much more natural and happy photographs, and an overall better wedding experience.

Cheers to that!

Toronto wedding photographer Thompson Hotel Wedding_0129

Photos in this post are from Jodi & Brad’s big day – FULL POST HERE!

With so much love,

Ike + Susan’s Toronto Island Engagement Session

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0314
We decided to photograph Ike and Susan’s engagement session on the Toronto Island because it is close to their home and, well, let’s just be honest, it’s amazing.

The Toronto Island is one of my favourite places to hang out, so I’m always excited to shoot there – any excuse to spend time there and I’m in! Even in the Winter… It’s just magical.

It was neat that we could actually see Ike and Susan’s building from the island – as the sun set it was pretty incredible to see the warm glow of the sun radiating not just over the skyline, but also through all the condo/office windows! Like our very own real life shadow box.

While on the island we had a bevvy at The Rectory Cafe, then strolled along the various picturesque spots the island has to offer – and I got to revel in the cuteness that this couple has to offer!
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0320 toronto wedding photographerToronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0316Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0317 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0318 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0330 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0329Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0337 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0327 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0326 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0328

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0334 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0325 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0323   Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0331 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0333 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0332
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0315
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0340
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0322Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0324  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0321 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0336 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0339   Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0338
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0335Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0341 Toronto Wedding Photographer

Thanks so much for a wonderful first visit of the season to the island, guys! And I cannot wait for your wedding super soon! 2 more weeks!! ❤ ❤

*Featured* on The Wedding Co.!

I love this engagement session so much. These high school sweethearts are just that… sweethearts.
Kelsey & Nico are *featured* on The Wedding – These two make me swoon big time. ❤
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