Niveen and Rob’s Nature and Sunbeam-Filled Engagement Session

Niveen Rob Engagement web-20 Niveen Rob Engagement web-4 Niveen Rob Engagement web-36
I had a blast photographing these two for their engagement session!

We got to frolic about amongst the gorgeous nature *just* before the leaves started falling off the trees. (Sidenote: It’s amazing how quickly that happens, isn’t it??)

These two are just so much fun and easy to get along with – we chatted, joked, and it even went for lunch while we waited for the ferry back. It felt like we were just hanging out – and we just happened to be snapping photos of their adorable looooove.

And, another awesome bonus to our time together was the unexpected visit of an adorable cat, who calmly strolled right into the middle of our shoot and showed himself off for the camera. Since all three of us have cats we of course had to take some time to properly say hello!

Thanks for a memorable, lovely time, guys!

Really looking forward to photographing your wedding this January 31st!

*Check out the bottom of this post for words from Niveen and Rob themselves about their love story!*
Niveen Rob Engagement web-5 Niveen Rob Engagement web-6Niveen Rob Engagement web-60 Niveen Rob Engagement web-59 Niveen Rob Engagement web-58 Niveen Rob Engagement web-38 Niveen Rob Engagement web-40 Niveen Rob Engagement web-43 Niveen Rob Engagement web-44 Niveen Rob Engagement web-45 Niveen Rob Engagement web-46 Niveen Rob Engagement web-47 Niveen Rob Engagement web-48 Niveen Rob Engagement web-52 Niveen Rob Engagement web-50 Niveen Rob Engagement web-49 Niveen Rob Engagement web-34 Niveen Rob Engagement web-29 Niveen Rob Engagement web-26 Niveen Rob Engagement web-61 Niveen Rob Engagement web-25 Niveen Rob Engagement web-22 Niveen Rob Engagement web-18 Niveen Rob Engagement web-16 Niveen Rob Engagement web-10 Niveen Rob Engagement web-2 Niveen Rob Engagement web-62 Niveen Rob Engagement web-75 Niveen Rob Engagement web-72 Niveen Rob Engagement web-76 Niveen Rob Engagement web-77 Niveen Rob Engagement web-67 Niveen Rob Engagement web

And now for some words from the lovebirds themselves: 

A long long time ago…(more like 6 years ago) a boy with bright ginger hair walked into work for the first time. He was stopped by a nosey brunette who asked “Are you new?” He said “Yes”. She smiled and said “Welcome!”.  Music, and tech geekery brought us together. Our lunch room at work provided Rockband for staff to play and unwind. One afternoon, while Niveen was rocking out on the drums, Rob came by and asked if he could join her on guitar, soon their band formed and was called “What’s for lunch?”. After numerous awkward group work outings, Rob asked Niveen out for dinner, and the rest was history!

Even though we are complete opposites – she’s reckless, he’s patient  (Thankfully) – and come from very different backgrounds and walks of life, the relationship became a bridge. It bridged our families, our cultures and our lives. On a warm summer day, after both had taken the leap to buy a house, they had finally picked up the keys and were filled with anticipation. At the door step of their first home, Rob  “fumbled” and dropped the key on the floor, he then remained on his knee, and asked Niveen to make a home of their new house, together. And it was the best decision she ever made!


Isabella & Lukas – Engaged!

IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-69IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-4 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-51 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-13 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-24
Well aren’t these two just cute as a button??

Isabella and Lukas mentioned they’re not usually comfortable in front of the camera, but I wouldn’t have known that if they hadn’t mentioned it – Isabella even thought she didn’t look good in photos… I beg to differ, miss!

Though they may not usually be comfortable around the camera it sure didn’t seem that way – maybe they’re just so comfortable being around each other, bringing the best out of one another. I’ve gotta say, these photos ooze comfort and coziness – Isabella and Lukas danced around, kept each other warm from the cold, gave the sweetest glances – they make me smile. It was super fun to be in the presence of such open hearts.

The day was definitely a bit brisk and the Fall air had a bite to it, but it was sweet to witness how Lukas held Isabella close to warm her up. Even sweeter to see the looks of pure smitten-ness in their faces and body language.

After some time outside we got to enjoy two beverages with each other. First, the two of them enjoyed a pint (Lukas joked that he should have had it at the start of the session since it warmed him up), then later we went to a nearby coffee shop to enjoy some hot tea and apple cider – mmm, like Autumn in a cup!

I had so much fun getting to know these two and I absolutely cannot wait to photograph their wedding Next October 17th!

(Be sure to check out some words from the couple themselves near the end of this post!)
IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-50 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-34 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-31 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-17 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-7 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-8 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-45IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-5 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-35 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-59 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-61 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-56 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-30

And now, some words from our lovebirds about their Love Story!

“Our love story was definitely not one of love at first sight. We met in middle school, where we found each other dorky and unappealing. A couple of years went by and a close friendship developed. At school we chose the same classes, would visit each other’s lockers, and laughed at each others jokes. We would phone each other nightly to discuss our latest crushes, often Isabella giving Lukas sage advice.  We saw each other through several brief and awkward relationships. Eventually we got tired of our friends interrogating us about our developing affections for one another and the inevitable happened. We weren’t sure if it would last past prom, but more than eight years later we are now planning a wedding.

Despite having no phone service, Lukas planned his big proposal while working at a hospital in the tiny northern town of Moose Factory, Ontario. He chose our favourite winery to stage a private dinner, featuring all of Isabella’s favourite foods and wines. He got down on one knee and an emotional Isabella nodded a yes.
Our relationship has been through long distance, three university degrees, many travels and a beautiful proposal. Nevertheless, our relationship remains much like it began – two friends who laugh at each other’s jokes.
We look forward to sharing our special day with our family, friends and with Olive Photography!”
IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-2 IsabellaLukasEngagementLR-web-10

Laura & Zach – Engaged & Exploring Kensington Market!

Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-38 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-37
Before this engagement session, Laura and Zach made it very clear a number of times that they are INCREDIBLY camera shy and that they really don’t think they look good in photos. (I disagree!)
Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-34 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-16

I told them that part of my job is helping folks feel comfortable, and that I’m a non-judgemental person who’s honestly there to celebrate these happy moments with them, and the camera is part of that but nothing to be shy about! That they’d feel more comfortable as we went along.
Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-35 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-36 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-10 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-9 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-7

They chose Kensington market because they wanted there to be scenery around them that sort of took away from the attention on them – broke my heart a little because I don’t think these two realize how wonderful they look!
Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-15 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-26 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-28 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-30 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-32 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-33
But, Kensington Market proved to be a great spot for this session because we had a lot of fun spontaneously using elements in the environment for some quirky photos. Zach was a great sport and held the pretty flowers and donned pretty pink heart sunglasses we found for some of the silly shots too!
Here’s a selection of the shots from our time together. 
Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-24 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-25 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-4 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-5 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-2 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-3 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-12 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-11 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-13 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-39 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-40 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-17 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-21 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-20 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-8 Laura Zach Engagement LRWM-6

And now, some words from the happy couple about their love story: 

“We were originally introduced through friends during University. With both of us at different schools and living in different cities and with no physical introduction, we continued on our separate paths. It wasn’t until July 4th, 2010 on a random Sunday, that we decided to meet up in Toronto on a whim. For those that know us, this was out of character for both of us! We then spent the day exploring the city, opening up to each other about our lives, the difficulties we’ve overcome, hardships we’ve endured but perhaps most importantly, where we wanted to go in life. We joked, we laughed and we continued to just let it all happen! After an incredible 8 hour walk through the city, we sealed it with a kiss and have been best friends and soul mates since.”

Ah, so sweet, innit? 

I also had the honour of photographing their beautiful wedding in a Niagara Winery – stay tuned for that post! Until then, congratulations again, lovebirds! 
Laura Zach Engagement LRWM

Samantha & Darren – Engaged!

Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-2 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-4
Samantha and Darren actually met 20 years ago (!!) way back in grade 7, then they went to high school together. Darren apparently had a thing for Samantha but she wasn’t ever ‘available’… Then, years later, they ran into each other and sparks flew. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

What a beautiful day it was when we did this engagement session, totally mirroring the full, open love these two share. I couldn’t help but smile as I witnessed how totally into each other they are – and how much they love their fur-baby Froggy! Froggy was a rescue puppy who was originally often caged and used just for racing, and they love her so much and wanted to include her in the photos. I love that.

Thanks for choosing me to document this time for you, guys. Was such a pleasure and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding on July 26th!
Read about their love story from Sam herself at the bottom of this post! 
Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-6 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-5 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-20 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-13 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-8 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-9 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-7 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-25 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-23 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-21 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-19 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-18 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-17 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-26 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-27 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-29 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-12 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-10 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-3

And now, some words from our bride-to-be!
“Darren and I first met in grade 7, and were part of the same circle of friends in high school, but lost touch afterwards. Over the years we would bump into each other in random places, and would ease into a great conversation. A chance encounter on April Fools, at a local sporting venue I was working at , lead into another a week later with plans to go to dinner soon. There was a lot of emailing and texting in between, but something instantly clicked that first night. Those feelingsintensified by that dinner, which ran seven hours! We talked endlessly and didn’t want the night to come to an end, but neither one of us was willing to risk making a “move” so soon. The following week, while working an event, I watched Darren as he came up the stairs to my area and thought to myself “I can’t just be friends with him!”.  Lucky for me, Darren was thinking the same thing. By the end of the month we were a couple, but I guess you could say it was 20 years in the making.”
Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-15

Rackell & Daniel – Engaged!

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-5 You know that pickup line, ‘do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by you again?’ Seems the universe conspired to give Rackell and Daniel that second look! They went to high school together but didn’t actually talk back then. Then years later, by chance, they happened to meet online and realized their shared history. How interesting is that!
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-21
We visited Toronto’s Centre Island for their engagement session – it’s a magical, nature-filled oasis in the city. There’s also a super cute and historical theme park there (the carousel is over a century old, built in 1907!), and we had a tonne of fun letting our inner kids out.
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-16When they hopped into the ferris wheel, another neat coincidence occurred – their seat happened to be numbered with Rackell’s lucky number, and she didn’t realize it until she saw these photos. Maybe that number brought her luck after all, since it was supposed to rain that day but the weather held out long enough for us.

Here are some of my favourites from our time together. Aren’t these two just darned adorable? (Scroll to the bottom to read about this love story from our bride-to-be!)

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-4

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-18 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-11 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-14 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-17

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-19 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-22

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-9

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-6 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-31 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-30

RackellDanielNewEditLRWM4 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM3 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM2

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-2 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-33 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-34

And now, here are some words from Rackell about their love story! 

“I knew of Daniel back in High School. He had come to Newtonbrook to finish up his last year (OAC) and I was in grade 11. I remembered seeing him in the hallways, always wearing some type of sports hat and baggy clothing lol

January 2009, my best friend had asked me if I wanted to sign up to Jdate for a 1 month trial, I agreed with her and we signed up together. I did it for fun, little did I know that I was going to meet my future husband!!!

I was scrolling through profiles and noticed Daniel’s picture. I thought he was hot and decided to sent him a “flirt”.
He then a few days later asked me to chat with him and that’s how we got to chat!

We had moved in about 10 months after we met (we met a day before my birthday) and have been together ever since!

Daniel and I are in many ways different, he loves sports (I don’t care much for them), he’s very outgoing with mostly everyone (I am as well but I pick and choose who I’m outgoing with and am slightly shy). I’m a dreamer, he’s not,  he has a ton of energy, I usually don’t lol. We both love animals, watching movies and TV shows, chilling at home or outside, mostly just the two of us and taking walks. We love nature and like to explore when we are on vacation.

I do believe in the zodiac signs, I am a Pisces and he’s a Libra. Pisces are very much dreamers, are indecisive and are very sensitive (THAT’S SO ME). I believe that Daniel keeps me in check and balance while my head is somewhere in the clouds :D”

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-13 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-32 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-3
Congratulations, lovebirds. Can’t wait to photograph your wedding this July 6th!

Ashley & Jalal – Engaged!

There’s most certainly a spark between Ashley and Jay – one that sizzles, if ya know what I mean.

This pair is hot together, and it’s evident that they are super into each other. While I photographed them embracing one another I heard Jay complimenting Ashley – it made me gush just a bit.

We went to Toronto’s Polson Pier to photograph their engagement session since the view of the city from there is really pretty awesome. If you haven’t been, go check it out!

Unfortunately it was CRAZY windy, so much of the session involved Jay having to help Ashley move her beautifully done hair out of her face, and wiping the wind-induced tears from her eyes (messing with her also beautifully done makeup) – we joked about how him ‘fixing’ her was the theme of the session.
Despite the wind, however, we did have fun, and we managed to get some really sweet moments captured when the wind took a bit of a break. They even enjoyed playing a quick round of one of their favourite board games – how cute!

We also munched on some really yummy fries and poutine from a nearby food truck whose scent was wafting onto the beach, tempting us to wrap up and eat! Haha. Of course, that lent itself to a fun impromptu photo-op as well.
… Great, now I want french fries again… 😛

Here are some photos from our time together, as well as some words from the bride and groom-to-be at the end!
AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-40AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-39 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-34AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-36
AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-2 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-20 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-24 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-18 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-19 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-17

AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-37 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-38

And now, some words from the happy couple:

“It was the night of the Grey Cup Event… After meeting at a local pub for some cocktails after a long day’s work, the two couldn’t wait to kick back and get to know one another over good conversation and some drinks. A local “regular” couldn’t help himself from visiting the table frequently and striking up conversation with the cute couple. J’s amazing sense of humour and ability to kindly tolerate the poor lonely man was admirable. However, his firmness and fearlessness in finally telling the guy to bug off and “allow him some time alone with his pretty lady”, really won Ashley over! From that night on, they were basically inseperable, enjoying any and every minute they could together…”

When it happened: Sunday, August 25, 2013
How it happened:
“What a better way to start the evening then a night at the Canadian National Exibition! After an evening of fun and entertainment with close friends, Jay was adamant about getting home by midnight. Wondering if they were going to turn into pumpkins, Ashley was reluctant and curious as to why it was so important to be home early on a Saturday night. After heading to the Danforth for a night cap with their friends, the two finally headed home to retire for the evening… or so she thought.

When Ashley got home, she immediately headed upstairs to bed. Jay came up insisting she wait, and come downstairs with him. After she agreed, he took her by the hand and guided her downstairs into her family’s dining room. As she asked “what are we doing?!”, she walked into the room lit with candles, and dressed with flowers. Jay presented her with champagne, sweets and… a small jewelery box! Jay asked, Ashley said yes, and so the story continues…”

Makeup: Shari at Sutherland Artistry
Lashes: Jennifer Couto at Lasholiscious
Hair: Daniel Palacio at Deberardinis Salon and Spa


Anastasia Giaouris

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May & Kareem’s Cozy Winter Engagement Session

May and Kareem have been in a long distance relationship for six years, living in different countries and seeing one another only about four times a year. I can only imagine how much they miss each other while apart, and it’s no wonder they hold on so tightly when together.

When Kareem came to visit over the holidays he proposed. Soon they’ll get to create a home and life together – I’m so excited for them! They’ll likely be moving away to a country with no snow (where Kareem works), so they wanted to capture their engagement session in the snow to remember how beautiful winter can be.

What’s even more beautiful, however, is their full-on and completely adorable love for each other. What a remarkable love these two share. Their eyes shine so brightly when they look at each other, and their smiles are unbelievably warm and unmistakeably full of the deepest joy.

We had such a lovely time walking around as dreamy snowflakes fell around us. The weather was cold but our hearts were warm. The hot chocolate with marshmallows (one of their fave winter things) helped too. (Yum!)

Guys, it was such a pleasure capturing this happy time for you! Witnessing love like yours is part of why I love this job so much. Such an incredible honour.

MayKareemBlogFormat-01 MayKareemBlogFormat-03 MayKareemBlogFormat-02 MayKareemBlogFormat-07 MayKareemBlogFormat-05 MayKareemBlogFormat-04

Elyse & Andrew – Engaged… Finally!

After a whopping 12 years together, this super fun pair are getting hitched!

It was a blast photographing this couple’s session – I’m so glad they won the giveaway contest!

They wanted to keep their session light-hearted and even silly at times, which was more than alright with me because the way they are together is gosh darned adorable.

Congrats, you two!

ElyseAndrewPage-01 ElyseAndrewPage-05ElyseAndrewPage-02 ElyseAndrewPage-03 ElyseAndrewPage-04  ElyseAndrewPage-06