*Featured* on Style Me Pretty Living – ‘Celeb-Worthy Birthday Cakes’!

The sunshine has been oh so lovely today and my day just got even brighter – Came home to a surprise feature by Style Me Pretty Living! They used Shelley & Dave’s wedding cake photo in a feature about ‘Celeb-Worthy Birthday Cakes’ in honour of Reese Witherspoon’s Birthday. http://www.stylemepretty.com/collecti…/1227/picture/2065436/ Happy birthday, Reese Witherspoon!

Super adorable sprinkle & bowtie cake by Swirls Cupcakes. ** Wanna see more of the wedding this cake came from? Click here! http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/09/22/whimsical-toronto-restaurant-wedding/ **

Shelley Dave Wedding LRWM Good-152

Isabella’s Cake Smash!

Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0147Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0153Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0150
Ah, little Isabella.
I have to say, her personality didn’t seem so little – She’s definitely got a presence and a total ‘I’m a boss’-ness about her. She knows she commands the room, and it’s gosh-darned hilarious to watch.
As she smushed her foot right into the cake, grabbed a chunk of that gorgeous pink ombre deliciousness and playfully tasted some, she did a little wiggle with glee. We laughed and laughed each time she did that wiggle, which I’m pretty sure she kept doing because of the reaction. Smart cookie, miss.

I originally met this sweetie pie at Denise and Mark’s wedding – she was a cutie patootie flower girl who unfortunately was so sick and wasn’t much in the mood for photos. So Denise wanted to do this first birthday session for her to get more photos of her in this stage of her life – and I was so excited to shoot it!

I brought the backdrops and photo gear while Denise and Diana (Isabella’s mom) gathered up some fantastic props, including some spectacular home-made ones! Can you believe Denise crocheted that bear and number 1?? And that they both cut, painted and sewed that banner?? You ladies are inspirational – such talent! I might have to send future clients to you for custom orders! (If you’re reading this and you’re interested, yes, Denise is taking orders!)

Anyhow, enough of my blabbering – Enjoy the cuteness! (And the comical mess that ensued!)
Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0152 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0148 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0156 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0149 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0151 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0155 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0154

Featured! 3 times last week!

Hiya folks!

My, was it an exciting week last week – I was so incredibly honoured to have my photos featured by 3 wonderful blogs!

I was really thrilled, but I have to say, my work is so inspired by the amazing souls who place their trust in me to photograph their milestones.  Shelley & Dave, Laura & Zach, Fidan & Designed Dream – these features are as much yours as they are mine. Yes, I might see and capture things in a certain way, but so much of what I photograph is the beauty, life, love and hard work of those who invite me in to come and snap my shutter. I photograph from the heart, opening up and feeling your joy and responding to that – that’s where my work flourishes, and your events had such an abundance of awesomeness that you guys manifested into your life.

So congratulations to all of you on having your gorgeous affairs selected and shared, and thanks so much for choosing me to photograph them!

And now, without further adieu, here are some preview screen shots and the links!

Much love,
Anastasia (Olive Photography)

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.08.20 AM
Style Me Pretty
Shelley & Dave’s Wedding
Link to Feature: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/09/22/whimsical-toronto-restaurant-wedding/

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.35.10 PM
The Wedding Co.
Laura & Zach’s Wedding
Link to Feature: http://www.theweddingco.com/olive-photo/

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.23.31 AM
Style Me Pretty Living
Shabby Chic Themed 1st Birthday Party
Link to Feature: http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/2014/09/26/shabby-chic-themed-1st-birthday-party/

Getting Creative + Breaking the Rules

Sometimes it’s ok to break the rules – especially when it comes to art.

A photo doesn’t necessarily have to be in focus to be lovely and affecting. Here’s a shot of Laura + Zach’s wedding cake showing what I mean.
Laura Zach Wedding FBWM-6
Speaking of which, I love hearing about the different ways people get creative!

** Do any of you have any creative hobbies? Have you ever tried just letting go and seeing what you come up with? **

Think about it. Maybe it’s painting, or pottery, or sewing, knitting, sketching, dancing… there are so many ways to get creative! You don’t have to answer, but think about if you have a creative outlet that allows you explore a different, perhaps more authentic part of yourself than you allow during regular life. Or a little corner of your soul that rarely gets to play… Getting creative and not worrying so much can feel so great! And in the end you can end up with something really beautiful. 

Try it! And if you want to share, I’d love to hear about the ways you get creative, perhaps break the ‘rules’ a little bit, and how it makes you feel 🙂  


Rackell & Daniel – Engaged!

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-5 You know that pickup line, ‘do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by you again?’ Seems the universe conspired to give Rackell and Daniel that second look! They went to high school together but didn’t actually talk back then. Then years later, by chance, they happened to meet online and realized their shared history. How interesting is that!
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-21
We visited Toronto’s Centre Island for their engagement session – it’s a magical, nature-filled oasis in the city. There’s also a super cute and historical theme park there (the carousel is over a century old, built in 1907!), and we had a tonne of fun letting our inner kids out.
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-16When they hopped into the ferris wheel, another neat coincidence occurred – their seat happened to be numbered with Rackell’s lucky number, and she didn’t realize it until she saw these photos. Maybe that number brought her luck after all, since it was supposed to rain that day but the weather held out long enough for us.

Here are some of my favourites from our time together. Aren’t these two just darned adorable? (Scroll to the bottom to read about this love story from our bride-to-be!)

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-4

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-18 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-11 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-14 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-17

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-19 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-22

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-9

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-6 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-31 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-30

RackellDanielNewEditLRWM4 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM3 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM2

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-2 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-33 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-34

And now, here are some words from Rackell about their love story! 

“I knew of Daniel back in High School. He had come to Newtonbrook to finish up his last year (OAC) and I was in grade 11. I remembered seeing him in the hallways, always wearing some type of sports hat and baggy clothing lol

January 2009, my best friend had asked me if I wanted to sign up to Jdate for a 1 month trial, I agreed with her and we signed up together. I did it for fun, little did I know that I was going to meet my future husband!!!

I was scrolling through profiles and noticed Daniel’s picture. I thought he was hot and decided to sent him a “flirt”.
He then a few days later asked me to chat with him and that’s how we got to chat!

We had moved in about 10 months after we met (we met a day before my birthday) and have been together ever since!

Daniel and I are in many ways different, he loves sports (I don’t care much for them), he’s very outgoing with mostly everyone (I am as well but I pick and choose who I’m outgoing with and am slightly shy). I’m a dreamer, he’s not,  he has a ton of energy, I usually don’t lol. We both love animals, watching movies and TV shows, chilling at home or outside, mostly just the two of us and taking walks. We love nature and like to explore when we are on vacation.

I do believe in the zodiac signs, I am a Pisces and he’s a Libra. Pisces are very much dreamers, are indecisive and are very sensitive (THAT’S SO ME). I believe that Daniel keeps me in check and balance while my head is somewhere in the clouds :D”

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-13 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-32 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-3
Congratulations, lovebirds. Can’t wait to photograph your wedding this July 6th!

Stephanie & Brian – Married! – April 12, 2014


Stephanie and Brian got married!
And it was a beautiful day to match their beautiful smiles.

I had a lot of fun photographing their engagement session a while back and was so excited to photograph their wedding!

The sun shone through the windows of Stephanie’s parents’ house as she and her bridesmaids got ready, and the warmth that filled the room was echoed by their apparent ease and contentment. Steph was remarkably composed – no nerves were visible on this bride’s face. Perhaps it was because after a nine-year relationship, this couple was already connected in the strongest way, and getting married, though an exciting and wonderful occasion, was but a way of formalizing what they already felt in their hearts.

Their family and wedding party were all so welcoming – I felt like one of the gang, joking, laughing and dancing as I snapped away – everyone was in such a great mood!

After the lovely ceremony at Leaside United Church (where Brian beamed endlessly) we headed in the stretch limo (with Veuve Clicquot champagne, no less) to the Distillery District for the wedding party photos. The weather was even nice enough that Greg’s Ice Cream was open! Of course we had to grab a cone!

Afterwards we headed to The Vue  for dinner, dancing and merriment – the entire dance floor was packed with happy people celebrating this love that’s been almost a decade in the making.

Congratulations, lovebirds! It’s been an honour to document this happy time in your life, and I wish you all good things to come!
Page-04 Page-01 copy Page-06 Page-02 Page-09 Page-05 Page-03 Page-07 Page-06 copyStephBrianLRWM-81

Page-08 Page-03 copy Page-02 copy Page-01 copy 2 Page-07 copy Page-05 copy Page-04 copy Page-08 copy Page-09 copy Page-12 Page-10 copyPage-13Page-14

And now some words from the newlyweds! (They sent this from their honeymoon!)

What was your favourite wedding moment?
Bride: Walking down the aisle and seeing Brian with the biggest smile on his face ear to ear, just knowing he was as happy in that moment as I was, is a moment I’ll never forget…and the moment we were pronounced husband and wife was pretty amazing too! 🙂
Groom: Having our first dance together as husband and wife and singing to Steph as we danced. At that moment it felt like just her and I were in the room alone sharing a special moment together.

Any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy the day! You’ve spent so much time planning for your wedding so on the day just remember to enjoy it and don’t sweat the small stuff because no one will notice but you. It’s a beautiful day and you don’t want to miss it because it really does fly by!
– Dress designer: Paloma Blanca www.palomablanca.com purchased from Mona Richie www.monarichiebride.com
– Suit: S. Cohen Inc. www.scoheninc.com purchased from Gino’s Fashion www.ginosfashion.com
– bouquets: Verdi Florist www.verdiflorist.com
– Centrepieces: Verdi Florist www.verdiflorist.com
– Cake: Eini & Co. www.eini.ca
– Favours: Macedo Wines (bottled by the Bride & Groom) www.macedowinery.ca
– Invitations: Etsy shop – The Best Day Paper Co
– Reception Venue: The Vue by Peter and Pauls www.thevue.ca

Meagan & Adriano – Married!

MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-24MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-3-6 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-17

Ah, Meagan and Adriano. Two absolutely lovestruck people who make such a beautiful complimentary pair.

As Adriano mentioned in his reception speech, Meagan’s happy, bubbly personality  captivated him from the start and lifts his spirits – which tend to be on the more serious side like his poker-faced father (who I got to know and think is actually such a sweetheart). But, you wouldn’t guess it if you were to be in the presence of the two of them together – When he holds and gazes at Meagan, Adriano’s always got the softest, most tender look on his face and the most gentle and carefree smile.
I’m actually getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.

I met this awesomely sweet couple last Winter at a coffee shop in the Annex and they were such an easy pair to talk to. Meagan’s a bit like me – optimistic, enthusiastic, and a definite planner. Adriano’s like my hubby – a bit stern at the start as he figures you out (I quickly saw smiles from him) but so supportive and implicitly trusting of his partner’s vision. It was clear he just wants Meagan to be happy.

We did an engagement session in March, and on Friday, September 27th I got to document their super lovely wedding day!
On the big day I met the bride and her bridesmaids at a funky salon at Ossington and Harbord called The Saloon. The quirky design features lent themselves to a laid back, fun atmosphere, which was perfect for this bride and her maids… who sipped mimosas from green plastic cups, no less!

MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-6We then headed over to The Old Mill for the gals to get ready at the really beautiful suite that Meagan and Adriano reserved…MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-12



… then did a ‘first look’ before the ceremony…


… as well as some wedding party and family photos.

MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-26MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-2-6Then came the ceremony in the chapel at the Inn. Meagan required quite a few tissues – it was very sweet.
MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-2-7 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-2-8 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-34

You could tell that Meagan and Adriano were on Cloud 9 that day, and that everyone was just so happy to be there.
MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-5-2 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-7-2 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-8-2
MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-40 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-46
And now, a few words from our bride!

How did you feel on your wedding day? I felt highly emotional from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed. It was the most amazing, surreal day of my life!

What was your favourite wedding day moment? I truly find it hard to pick a favourite moment of the day, because it was all so special, but I would have to say the moment we were officially declared husband and wife was my fave!

Any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding? Try not to stress over it too much. It’s just one day, and the most important thing is that at the end of it, you are married to your best friend! It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, but just try to enjoy the process!!


Dress: My was purchased at Windsor Bridal in Toronto, and it’s an Allure Gown.

Centrepieces: Flower arrangements were made by myself and my stepmom, Heather, as were the boutonnieres and bouquets! They were definitely one of my fave touches for the day, they turned out better than I expected!

Cake: Made by a dear friend of mine as part of our wedding gift.

Bridesmaids Outfits: I let the bridesmaids choose a nude/metallic shoe of their choice, and the dresses were Social Bridesmaids by Dessy in the colour African Violet.

Meagan and Adriano, I’m so happy for you both.
It was my absolute pleasure to be there to document this happy time in your life, and I look forward to being there for many more as I’m so glad we’ve become friends!
I really think you guys have something special and beautiful. Congratulations on becoming husband & wife!!

Christa & Jorden – Married!



Hi Folks!
I’d love to take some time to share a really lovely wedding with you – with a couple that’s just so gosh-darned adorable and obviously in love.


Christa and Jorden are super smitten together and it’s downright heartwarming to see how giddy they make each other.

They had beautiful oudoor wedding in Newcastle, Ontario.

It’s always a risk to do an outdoor ceremony (you never know what kind of weather Mother Nature will decide to put out), and the forecast did unfortunately call for thunderstorms that day.
Christa and Jorden spent a good deal of the morning checking and double-checking their weather apps as they got ready, and we all had our fingers crossed as we prepared for the ceremony.
ChristaJordenLRFB-5 ChristaJordenLRFB-17

*Fortunately*, the rain held out just long enough to allow the ceremony to happen with open, sunny skies, and little droplets started to fall just as the two lovebirds did their signing table jazz.

ChristaJordenLRFB-29 ChristaJordenLRFB-301240638_10151786138318950_310629271_nChristaJordenLRFB-32

It started to rain pretty hard immediately after that so we found a sheltered porch to do family portraits (while my assistant Jonah so selflessly held the umbrella over me and the gear off the porch as she got pretty drenched) – but everyone was in good spirits and it was all good fun.
ChristaJordenLRFB-16 ChristaJordenLRFB-41

It was my absolute pleasure to photograph this easy-going, totally adorable, super nice couple. Christa and Jorden, your wedding was beautiful, and your love is even more so. Thank you for having me be a part of your big day! Best wishes for you both in your new wedded life!

And now, I’d love to share some reflections from the bride and groom themselves!

Tell us a bit about your dating history, and how Jorden Proposed:

We had been together for 7 years before Jorden proposed. He proposed during the May long weekend in Bala – he made me breakfast in bed and proposed when he woke me up.

How did you feel on your wedding day, and what was your favourite moment?
Jorden was very nervous and excited. I was just really excited and giddy. Our favorite moment was watching everyone having an amazing time on the dance floor. So happy.

ChristaJordenLRFB-52 ChristaJordenLRFB-53 ChristaJordenLRFB-61

Any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding?
Keep calm, have fun planning, don’t sweat the small stuff… it’ll be your perfect day no matter what.
Also some of the most important advice, and I got it from you, actually, is to stop and take it all in! That was something that really stuck out to me, I did this several times throughout the night, I’m glad I did. Thanks to you! Xo

Some details:

Wedding & Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Suits: Vera Wang

Centrepieces, cake toppers, bouquets, boutonnieres, table chart: All hand made by Jorden’s mom Barb

Anne & Helio – Married!

AnneHelioFB26Anne and Helio are such a fun pair who kept eachother – and me – laughing all throughout their special day.

After seven years together, these two had a lovely afternoon wedding on June 8, 2013 at a beautiful Mississauga estate called the Glenerin Inn, surrounded by lighthearted and enthusiastic support. It was clear that Anne is usually the life of the party, so naturally everyone had a great time.
On the morning of their wedding I met Anne in her suite at the Glenerin where she had spent the night. She, her two daughters (from a previous marriage) and her maid of honour – a dear friend of 30 years – donned co-ordinating silk robes as they got ready. The atmosphere was exuberant. Such lively excitement filled the air as the ladies in that room joked, shared stories, and talked about the occasion.

There were many special personal touches to this wedding. Anne wore her grandmother’s wedding ring alongside her engagement ring as a tribute to her and a beautiful reminder of enduring love.
A friend who had actually started as her daughters’ hairstylist came to do Anne’s hair.
Anne’s sister had given her a silver coin to signify good luck so she carried it in her shoe.
Anne’s best friend Heidi made the bouquets, centrepieces, and other beautiful details.

Heidi’s daughter, manager of Toronto’s Queen Street Terroni restaurant, made the wedding cake, topped with a gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers.
They drank from a ‘love cup’, called a quaich, brought by a friend from Scotland, which is said to connect whoever drinks from it together… and other special touches added to the memorable experience of their unique day.
Through all the belly laughs, wide smiles and fun times, there was also a tenderness about Anne and Helio’s love. It was an honour to photograph their special day and I wish them a lifetime of the enduring, happy love they so evidently share.


Julian’s 1st Communion

What a gorgeous Sunday for a family event!
Julian’s parents asked me to photograph the reception portion of their son Julian’s 1st Communion – what a nice day.
The sun shone brightly and it felt like Summer. The patio doors were wide open and guests enjoyed themselves both indoors and out. The kids were having a blast, and the adults were in a playful mood.
Definitely a great way to spend a Sunday!