Olive Photography: Capturing life’s genuine beauty.

Anastasia Self Portrait-2

Olive Photography – Why that name?

1. O-Live. I wanted a name that somehow encompasses how I feel when I photograph, and how I want my clients to feel – enjoying the moment, truly living.

2. Growing up Mediterranean, olive oil was considered one of the best things for you and was a staple in the home. So, being associated with something so good is an added bonus.

3. Olive also happens to be my favourite colour – Chances are when you meet me I’ll be wearing at least one item that’s green.

Who am I? 

My name’s Anastasia. I’m based out of Toronto and I’m happy to meet you anywhere. I truly enjoy what I do and I feel so lucky that I get to be there to document the remarkable milestones in life. I love connecting with my clients (I also struggle with calling you that since you’re so much more to me!) – and I absolutely love making people happy.

A bit about my photographic style: 

I love getting to know your stories – then translating them into genuine, warm, life-filled photographs.

I photograph from the heart, clicking my shutter when I *feel* something. Connecting with you brings me joy and I take great care to make sure you feel comfortable and happy.

Since learning to develop my own film in high school, photography captivated me. I then went on to study digital photography in university, and I’m continually inspired by the beauty that can be found everywhere.

Photography is incredibly rewarding for me – there’s something so exciting about capturing the perfect, real moment.

I’d love to hear from you! And I’d love to provide you with mementos that make you smile every time.

Feel free to also check out:
Website: olivephotography.ca
Facebook: Facebook.com/OlivePhotographyTO
Twitter & Instagram: @OlivePhotoTO


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