Isabella’s Cake Smash!

Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0147Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0153Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0150
Ah, little Isabella.
I have to say, her personality didn’t seem so little – She’s definitely got a presence and a total ‘I’m a boss’-ness about her. She knows she commands the room, and it’s gosh-darned hilarious to watch.
As she smushed her foot right into the cake, grabbed a chunk of that gorgeous pink ombre deliciousness and playfully tasted some, she did a little wiggle with glee. We laughed and laughed each time she did that wiggle, which I’m pretty sure she kept doing because of the reaction. Smart cookie, miss.

I originally met this sweetie pie at Denise and Mark’s wedding – she was a cutie patootie flower girl who unfortunately was so sick and wasn’t much in the mood for photos. So Denise wanted to do this first birthday session for her to get more photos of her in this stage of her life – and I was so excited to shoot it!

I brought the backdrops and photo gear while Denise and Diana (Isabella’s mom) gathered up some fantastic props, including some spectacular home-made ones! Can you believe Denise crocheted that bear and number 1?? And that they both cut, painted and sewed that banner?? You ladies are inspirational – such talent! I might have to send future clients to you for custom orders! (If you’re reading this and you’re interested, yes, Denise is taking orders!)

Anyhow, enough of my blabbering – Enjoy the cuteness! (And the comical mess that ensued!)
Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0152 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0148 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0156 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0149 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0151 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0155 Toronto Family Photographer - Olive Photography - Isabella Cake Smash_0154

Christa & Jorden’s Fall Family Session

Christa Jorden Family WM-5Christa Jorden Family WM-7 Christa Jorden Family WM-2

I was so excited for this photo session!
Christa and Jorden were one of my first wedding couples back in the day (they’re the couple surrounded by greenery in the Facebook page cover photo!), and now they’ve got a 3 month old daughter! Amazing how time flies!

It was so wonderful to see them again and to spend time with their incredibly patient and good-spirited baby. Despite it being cold, rainy, and SO windy, Zoe was a champ. I mean it – At one point she had wind blowing so strong it was going up her and Christa’s noses, and she barely budged.
No tears from this happy-go-lucky baby at all, despite the crazy weather.
What a trooper!

It was wonderful to see Donna (Christa’s mom) again as well. Oh, how she dotes on her grand daughter. She emanates pure JOY being with her. So beautiful to behold.

Despite the crazy weather we managed to have a great time and take some lovely photographs. Thanks for a lovely time, you guys!

Christa Jorden Family WM-17 Christa Jorden Family WM-18 Christa Jorden Family WM-16Christa Jorden Family WM-12 Christa Jorden Family WM-11 Christa Jorden Family WM-8

Christa Jorden Family WM-14

Christa Jorden Family WM-22

Newborn Josiah Liam

JosiahLiamLRWM-10 JosiahLiamLRWM
Ah, Josiah. Baby to two of the sweetest parents you’ll ever meet, Chantelle and Joel. I had the pleasure of photographing those two back when they were engaged, and it was absolutely amazing to see them again – with a new life they’d created! I can’t tell you how cool I think that is.

During our session baby Josiah was ever-so-curious, eyes wide and scanning the entire environment around him. So no sleepy shots for this curious fellow. (His eyes are beautiful, though, so that wasn’t a problem, and I got to witness his developing personality.) What was really amazing was that if you called him, he looked *directly* at you. That’s so rare for a baby this young! His sight is likely still being developed but it was pretty incredible to be looked at like that by a week-old mini person.

It was also wonderful to meet Chantelle’s mum who had flown all the way from England to see her new grandchild – she glowed when I asked her how it feels to be a grandmother.

It’s so evident that this li’l one is absolutely adored and loved to the fullest. It was a joy to be in the presence of this family and photograph this beautiful time in their life.

Thank you for coming over, guys! Please feel free to come back anytime!

JosiahLiamLRWM-14 JosiahLiamLRWM-4JosiahLiamLRWM-19 JosiahLiamLRWM-20JosiahLiamLRWM-15 JosiahLiamLRWM-13 JosiahLiamLRWM-8 JosiahLiamLRWM-6 JosiahLiamLRWM-5JosiahLiamLRWM-3 JosiahLiamLRWM-7 JosiahLiamLRWM-11 JosiahLiamLRWM-12 JosiahLiamLRWM-16 JosiahLiamLRWM-17 JosiahLiamLRWM-18 JosiahLiamLRWM-21 JosiahLiamLRWM-newdaddylook JosiahLiamLRWM-22

Baby Logan – 6 Days Old

Logan Newborn LRWM-5
To spend time with such a delicate, beautiful new life is beyond magical. Although Logan was only 6 days old, he was moving and twisting and attempting to roll around – was so hard to believe he was less than a week old! So cool.

Here are some of the photos I took of him between his energetic moving about. I’ll always treasure this session and look forward to photographing more babies in the future!!

Also, how adorable is the love Logan’s two siblings Mia and Mason have for their new little brother? They kept saying ‘my baby’ and going over to kiss and hug him. So beautiful.
Logan Newborn LRWM-7 Logan Newborn LRWM-15 Logan Newborn LRWM-2 Logan Newborn LRWM-3
Logan Newborn LRWM-24 Logan Newborn LRWM-26 Logan Newborn LRWM-25 Logan Newborn LRWM-20 Logan Newborn LRWM-10 Logan Newborn LRWM-12 Logan Newborn LRWM-14 Logan Newborn LRWM-11 Logan Newborn LRWM-8 Logan Newborn LRWM-9 Logan Newborn LRWM-4 Logan Newborn LRWM-18 Logan Newborn LRWM-16 Logan Newborn LRWM-6 Logan Newborn LRWM-17 Logan Newborn LRWM-19 Logan Newborn LRWM-13 Logan Newborn LRWM Logan Newborn LRWM-21 Logan Newborn LRWM-22 Logan Newborn LRWM-23

Mason’s 2nd Birthday

I photographed this absolute cutie a year ago for his first birthday cake smash, and I was so delighted his mom Alyssa asked me to photograph him again this year – I can’t believe he’s already 2! Time flies.

This session was done in Alyssa’s home, and when I arrived she had put up such an awesome streamer backdrop! The colours are in keeping with Mason’s favourite movie/TV show: Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine.

During the session Alyssa handed Mason a birthday gift that he was so excited about: a big Thomas train! He had fun playing with it and I had fun capturing his joy.

Thanks for inviting me into your home again, Alyssa! Was such a pleasure spending time with your little love bug!
Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-15 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-3

Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-13 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-12 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-20 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-21 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-17
Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-14 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-27 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-22

Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM-28 Mason2ndBirthdayFBWM