Rackell & Daniel – Engaged!

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-5 You know that pickup line, ‘do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by you again?’ Seems the universe conspired to give Rackell and Daniel that second look! They went to high school together but didn’t actually talk back then. Then years later, by chance, they happened to meet online and realized their shared history. How interesting is that!
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-21
We visited Toronto’s Centre Island for their engagement session – it’s a magical, nature-filled oasis in the city. There’s also a super cute and historical theme park there (the carousel is over a century old, built in 1907!), and we had a tonne of fun letting our inner kids out.
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-16When they hopped into the ferris wheel, another neat coincidence occurred – their seat happened to be numbered with Rackell’s lucky number, and she didn’t realize it until she saw these photos. Maybe that number brought her luck after all, since it was supposed to rain that day but the weather held out long enough for us.

Here are some of my favourites from our time together. Aren’t these two just darned adorable? (Scroll to the bottom to read about this love story from our bride-to-be!)

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-4

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-18 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-11 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-14 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-17

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-19 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-22

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-9

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-6 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-31 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-30

RackellDanielNewEditLRWM4 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM3 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM2

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-2 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-33 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-34

And now, here are some words from Rackell about their love story! 

“I knew of Daniel back in High School. He had come to Newtonbrook to finish up his last year (OAC) and I was in grade 11. I remembered seeing him in the hallways, always wearing some type of sports hat and baggy clothing lol

January 2009, my best friend had asked me if I wanted to sign up to Jdate for a 1 month trial, I agreed with her and we signed up together. I did it for fun, little did I know that I was going to meet my future husband!!!

I was scrolling through profiles and noticed Daniel’s picture. I thought he was hot and decided to sent him a “flirt”.
He then a few days later asked me to chat with him and that’s how we got to chat!

We had moved in about 10 months after we met (we met a day before my birthday) and have been together ever since!

Daniel and I are in many ways different, he loves sports (I don’t care much for them), he’s very outgoing with mostly everyone (I am as well but I pick and choose who I’m outgoing with and am slightly shy). I’m a dreamer, he’s not,  he has a ton of energy, I usually don’t lol. We both love animals, watching movies and TV shows, chilling at home or outside, mostly just the two of us and taking walks. We love nature and like to explore when we are on vacation.

I do believe in the zodiac signs, I am a Pisces and he’s a Libra. Pisces are very much dreamers, are indecisive and are very sensitive (THAT’S SO ME). I believe that Daniel keeps me in check and balance while my head is somewhere in the clouds :D”

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-13 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-32 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-3
Congratulations, lovebirds. Can’t wait to photograph your wedding this July 6th!

Contortion Coolness! With Gabriella DeBartolo

GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-5 GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-4

Gabby is an old friend from my undergrad days, and this was the first time I got to see her in action.

She wanted to get performer portraits taken for her website and I have to say, I was *so* excited to witness the incredible moves I’d seen in her Facebook updates!

It was super impressive to see her flow in and out of poses with such ease – I don’t think I can bend my back even a tenth of how far she can!
But I know it takes tonnes of work to do the cool things she does – she says she stretches and practices every day.

If you need a performer for your wedding or event, she’s totally your gal. Feel free to check out her site: http://www.torontocontortionist.com/

… And without further adieu, here’s the main attraction!

GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-9 GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-12

GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-14GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-11

Twisted Sistah!

Just booked a session with the super talented contortionist, Gabriella DeBartolo! (Get the title reference? har har.) 


Photo from her Instagram: @gabbydb

She’s performed on the runway for Canada’s Next Top Model, as well as at other high-profile events like a fundraising gala for CAMH and Friday Night Live at the ROM. (Yes, that’s her in the featured photo.)

She’s available to entertain at weddings and other events – check out the unbelievable things she can do at http://www.torontocontortionist.com/

Looking forward to seeing and photographing her in action!

I’ll be sure to share some ‘twisted’ photos from our shoot!