Contortion Coolness! With Gabriella DeBartolo

GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-5 GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-4

Gabby is an old friend from my undergrad days, and this was the first time I got to see her in action.

She wanted to get performer portraits taken for her website and I have to say, I was *so* excited to witness the incredible moves I’d seen in her Facebook updates!

It was super impressive to see her flow in and out of poses with such ease – I don’t think I can bend my back even a tenth of how far she can!
But I know it takes tonnes of work to do the cool things she does – she says she stretches and practices every day.

If you need a performer for your wedding or event, she’s totally your gal. Feel free to check out her site:

… And without further adieu, here’s the main attraction!

GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-9 GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-12

GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-14GabriellaDBLRFB Smaller-11