Denise & Mark’s Fall Waterfront Engagement Session

DeniseMarkEngagementLR-Web-43DeniseMarkEngagementLR-Web-70 DeniseMarkEngagementLR-Web-8It was a super windy, cool day, but my goodness did I feel the warm love!
Every time I think about this engagement session I picture Denise’s bright, life-filled smile and her sheer joy being in the presence of her doting fiance Mark.

It‘s as though there were magnets pulling these two close to each other – they were embracing or holding hands the entire time. It was just the sweetest.

These two have been in a long distance relationship for – get this – 9 years! She’s been here in Toronto and him in Georgia. (The picture with the little maps with hearts on them is a nod to their long distance history.) I don’t know how they’ve done it. Seeing how much they love being together I can only imagine how difficult the distance must have been all this time. But, once they get married he’ll be moving to Toronto so they can share their new life together in the same place, finally.

It was fantastic spending time with you, guys. Thanks for inviting me photograph this beautiful time in your life – I can’t wait to also photograph your wedding on January 3rd!

** Check out the bottom of the post for their love story, written by Mark! **
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** And now, some words from our groom-to-be Mark about their love story! ** 

Denise and I have been dating for nine years. The most amazing nine years of my life, I have to say. Our story began by the most unlikely of happenstances. She and I happened to be online playing a pool game at the same time. Yep, an online pool game. Many people assume that she and I met on some dating site or something like that because I am from Georgia and she is from Toronto. For those that know us, I’m sure that amuses them as much as it does us.

We spent a year getting to know one another over the phone and text messages or IM’s before I came to visit her in Toronto on September 22, 2005. We have been dating and seeing each other ever since. It has been hard to stay as close as we are and have grown to be over the last nine years, but soon the wait will be well worth it. She makes me the happiest man on Earth and could not or would not wish for a better wife to be. God has truly blessed us with love and a sense of peace when we are together. With a smile like hers, who wouldn’t be happy?”
DeniseMarkEngagementLR-Web-10 DeniseMarkEngagementLR-Web-77 DeniseMarkEngagementLR-Web

Niveen and Rob’s Nature and Sunbeam-Filled Engagement Session

Niveen Rob Engagement web-20 Niveen Rob Engagement web-4 Niveen Rob Engagement web-36
I had a blast photographing these two for their engagement session!

We got to frolic about amongst the gorgeous nature *just* before the leaves started falling off the trees. (Sidenote: It’s amazing how quickly that happens, isn’t it??)

These two are just so much fun and easy to get along with – we chatted, joked, and it even went for lunch while we waited for the ferry back. It felt like we were just hanging out – and we just happened to be snapping photos of their adorable looooove.

And, another awesome bonus to our time together was the unexpected visit of an adorable cat, who calmly strolled right into the middle of our shoot and showed himself off for the camera. Since all three of us have cats we of course had to take some time to properly say hello!

Thanks for a memorable, lovely time, guys!

Really looking forward to photographing your wedding this January 31st!

*Check out the bottom of this post for words from Niveen and Rob themselves about their love story!*
Niveen Rob Engagement web-5 Niveen Rob Engagement web-6Niveen Rob Engagement web-60 Niveen Rob Engagement web-59 Niveen Rob Engagement web-58 Niveen Rob Engagement web-38 Niveen Rob Engagement web-40 Niveen Rob Engagement web-43 Niveen Rob Engagement web-44 Niveen Rob Engagement web-45 Niveen Rob Engagement web-46 Niveen Rob Engagement web-47 Niveen Rob Engagement web-48 Niveen Rob Engagement web-52 Niveen Rob Engagement web-50 Niveen Rob Engagement web-49 Niveen Rob Engagement web-34 Niveen Rob Engagement web-29 Niveen Rob Engagement web-26 Niveen Rob Engagement web-61 Niveen Rob Engagement web-25 Niveen Rob Engagement web-22 Niveen Rob Engagement web-18 Niveen Rob Engagement web-16 Niveen Rob Engagement web-10 Niveen Rob Engagement web-2 Niveen Rob Engagement web-62 Niveen Rob Engagement web-75 Niveen Rob Engagement web-72 Niveen Rob Engagement web-76 Niveen Rob Engagement web-77 Niveen Rob Engagement web-67 Niveen Rob Engagement web

And now for some words from the lovebirds themselves: 

A long long time ago…(more like 6 years ago) a boy with bright ginger hair walked into work for the first time. He was stopped by a nosey brunette who asked “Are you new?” He said “Yes”. She smiled and said “Welcome!”.  Music, and tech geekery brought us together. Our lunch room at work provided Rockband for staff to play and unwind. One afternoon, while Niveen was rocking out on the drums, Rob came by and asked if he could join her on guitar, soon their band formed and was called “What’s for lunch?”. After numerous awkward group work outings, Rob asked Niveen out for dinner, and the rest was history!

Even though we are complete opposites – she’s reckless, he’s patient  (Thankfully) – and come from very different backgrounds and walks of life, the relationship became a bridge. It bridged our families, our cultures and our lives. On a warm summer day, after both had taken the leap to buy a house, they had finally picked up the keys and were filled with anticipation. At the door step of their first home, Rob  “fumbled” and dropped the key on the floor, he then remained on his knee, and asked Niveen to make a home of their new house, together. And it was the best decision she ever made!


Christa & Jorden’s Fall Family Session

Christa Jorden Family WM-5Christa Jorden Family WM-7 Christa Jorden Family WM-2

I was so excited for this photo session!
Christa and Jorden were one of my first wedding couples back in the day (they’re the couple surrounded by greenery in the Facebook page cover photo!), and now they’ve got a 3 month old daughter! Amazing how time flies!

It was so wonderful to see them again and to spend time with their incredibly patient and good-spirited baby. Despite it being cold, rainy, and SO windy, Zoe was a champ. I mean it – At one point she had wind blowing so strong it was going up her and Christa’s noses, and she barely budged.
No tears from this happy-go-lucky baby at all, despite the crazy weather.
What a trooper!

It was wonderful to see Donna (Christa’s mom) again as well. Oh, how she dotes on her grand daughter. She emanates pure JOY being with her. So beautiful to behold.

Despite the crazy weather we managed to have a great time and take some lovely photographs. Thanks for a lovely time, you guys!

Christa Jorden Family WM-17 Christa Jorden Family WM-18 Christa Jorden Family WM-16Christa Jorden Family WM-12 Christa Jorden Family WM-11 Christa Jorden Family WM-8

Christa Jorden Family WM-14

Christa Jorden Family WM-22

Meagan & Adriano – Married!

MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-24MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-3-6 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-17

Ah, Meagan and Adriano. Two absolutely lovestruck people who make such a beautiful complimentary pair.

As Adriano mentioned in his reception speech, Meagan’s happy, bubbly personality  captivated him from the start and lifts his spirits – which tend to be on the more serious side like his poker-faced father (who I got to know and think is actually such a sweetheart). But, you wouldn’t guess it if you were to be in the presence of the two of them together – When he holds and gazes at Meagan, Adriano’s always got the softest, most tender look on his face and the most gentle and carefree smile.
I’m actually getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.

I met this awesomely sweet couple last Winter at a coffee shop in the Annex and they were such an easy pair to talk to. Meagan’s a bit like me – optimistic, enthusiastic, and a definite planner. Adriano’s like my hubby – a bit stern at the start as he figures you out (I quickly saw smiles from him) but so supportive and implicitly trusting of his partner’s vision. It was clear he just wants Meagan to be happy.

We did an engagement session in March, and on Friday, September 27th I got to document their super lovely wedding day!
On the big day I met the bride and her bridesmaids at a funky salon at Ossington and Harbord called The Saloon. The quirky design features lent themselves to a laid back, fun atmosphere, which was perfect for this bride and her maids… who sipped mimosas from green plastic cups, no less!

MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-6We then headed over to The Old Mill for the gals to get ready at the really beautiful suite that Meagan and Adriano reserved…MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-12



… then did a ‘first look’ before the ceremony…


… as well as some wedding party and family photos.

MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-26MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-2-6Then came the ceremony in the chapel at the Inn. Meagan required quite a few tissues – it was very sweet.
MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-2-7 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-2-8 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-34

You could tell that Meagan and Adriano were on Cloud 9 that day, and that everyone was just so happy to be there.
MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-5-2 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-7-2 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-8-2
MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-40 MeaganAdrianoWedLRBlog-46
And now, a few words from our bride!

How did you feel on your wedding day? I felt highly emotional from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed. It was the most amazing, surreal day of my life!

What was your favourite wedding day moment? I truly find it hard to pick a favourite moment of the day, because it was all so special, but I would have to say the moment we were officially declared husband and wife was my fave!

Any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding? Try not to stress over it too much. It’s just one day, and the most important thing is that at the end of it, you are married to your best friend! It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, but just try to enjoy the process!!


Dress: My was purchased at Windsor Bridal in Toronto, and it’s an Allure Gown.

Centrepieces: Flower arrangements were made by myself and my stepmom, Heather, as were the boutonnieres and bouquets! They were definitely one of my fave touches for the day, they turned out better than I expected!

Cake: Made by a dear friend of mine as part of our wedding gift.

Bridesmaids Outfits: I let the bridesmaids choose a nude/metallic shoe of their choice, and the dresses were Social Bridesmaids by Dessy in the colour African Violet.

Meagan and Adriano, I’m so happy for you both.
It was my absolute pleasure to be there to document this happy time in your life, and I look forward to being there for many more as I’m so glad we’ve become friends!
I really think you guys have something special and beautiful. Congratulations on becoming husband & wife!!

Meagan & Adriano – Sneak Peek!

Been pretty sleepy today after shooting Meagan & Adriano’s wedding yesterday, but I had such an amazing time! Couldn’t help but dance along with everyone as I photographed the party later in the evening.

I’ve sifted through the photos and picked out my favourites, and now it’s time for bed! But first, here’s a little sneak peek from this super nice couple’s beautiful big day. The warmth of the sunlight was nothing compared to the warmth in their eyes!

Can’t wait to edit the rest – More to come soon!


Ariana & Jamie – Fall Family Fun

Ariana wanted to do a shoot with her son Jamie at the height of the colourful Autumn season, and we had fun frolicking about in the forest, marveling at the stunning Fall colours.

I had so much fun hanging out with this wonderful, abundantly energetic pair.

Between frequent kisses and hugs, and many impromptu play fights, it was easy to see that these two share a very special bond.

IMG_3394IMG_3376IMG_3386 IMG_3377DSC_0088861283_10151481254840792_827506756_oDSC_0066 IMG_3395IMG_3385IMG_3381IMG_3388DSC_0264