Christa & Jorden’s Fall Family Session

Christa Jorden Family WM-5Christa Jorden Family WM-7 Christa Jorden Family WM-2

I was so excited for this photo session!
Christa and Jorden were one of my first wedding couples back in the day (they’re the couple surrounded by greenery in the Facebook page cover photo!), and now they’ve got a 3 month old daughter! Amazing how time flies!

It was so wonderful to see them again and to spend time with their incredibly patient and good-spirited baby. Despite it being cold, rainy, and SO windy, Zoe was a champ. I mean it – At one point she had wind blowing so strong it was going up her and Christa’s noses, and she barely budged.
No tears from this happy-go-lucky baby at all, despite the crazy weather.
What a trooper!

It was wonderful to see Donna (Christa’s mom) again as well. Oh, how she dotes on her grand daughter. She emanates pure JOY being with her. So beautiful to behold.

Despite the crazy weather we managed to have a great time and take some lovely photographs. Thanks for a lovely time, you guys!

Christa Jorden Family WM-17 Christa Jorden Family WM-18 Christa Jorden Family WM-16Christa Jorden Family WM-12 Christa Jorden Family WM-11 Christa Jorden Family WM-8

Christa Jorden Family WM-14

Christa Jorden Family WM-22

Fall Family Shoot!

AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM-18Evelyn and Tasso are two sweet, kind, warm souls who I’ve always known to be so positive, optimistic and good-natured.

When they asked me to photograph their family I was thrilled! It had been a while since I’d seen them and my little cousins, and I was excited about spending time with them.

Their kids Theo and Andreas are so sweet! Theo was a fantastic role model big brother who was totally no-fuss and so excellent in front of the camera, and Andreas was an energetic, spunky fireball of silly who made me laugh the entire time.

I told them their session was totally easy peasy since their super big family love radiates and makes what I do so fun and almost effortless. I had such a great time photographing their beautiful family!

Thanks for a wonderful time, you guys!

AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM-12 AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM-6 AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM-8 AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM-5

AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM-22 AdamopoulosFamilyLRWM- newer fun family grass

Baby Logan – 6 Days Old

Logan Newborn LRWM-5
To spend time with such a delicate, beautiful new life is beyond magical. Although Logan was only 6 days old, he was moving and twisting and attempting to roll around – was so hard to believe he was less than a week old! So cool.

Here are some of the photos I took of him between his energetic moving about. I’ll always treasure this session and look forward to photographing more babies in the future!!

Also, how adorable is the love Logan’s two siblings Mia and Mason have for their new little brother? They kept saying ‘my baby’ and going over to kiss and hug him. So beautiful.
Logan Newborn LRWM-7 Logan Newborn LRWM-15 Logan Newborn LRWM-2 Logan Newborn LRWM-3
Logan Newborn LRWM-24 Logan Newborn LRWM-26 Logan Newborn LRWM-25 Logan Newborn LRWM-20 Logan Newborn LRWM-10 Logan Newborn LRWM-12 Logan Newborn LRWM-14 Logan Newborn LRWM-11 Logan Newborn LRWM-8 Logan Newborn LRWM-9 Logan Newborn LRWM-4 Logan Newborn LRWM-18 Logan Newborn LRWM-16 Logan Newborn LRWM-6 Logan Newborn LRWM-17 Logan Newborn LRWM-19 Logan Newborn LRWM-13 Logan Newborn LRWM Logan Newborn LRWM-21 Logan Newborn LRWM-22 Logan Newborn LRWM-23