Alicia & Curtis’ Enchanted Summer Wedding

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0251

There’s definitely something inexplicable about the way the sun beams gently kissed Alicia and Curtis’ shoulders and the way the greenery reached all around them, encircling them, almost as though it were reaching to hug this clearly completely enamoured pair.

They exchanged vows in a wonderful outdoor ceremony which included a sand ritual to honour those who could not physically be there… perhaps the sun beams and amazing good vibes were coming from those passed loved ones they had taken the time to honour.

Curtis’ father is a pastor, and it touched my heart to see him officiate this union – how beautiful to have a parent take such an involved and supportive role in ushering their union.
It was also really touching to see the groomsmen together in prayer before joyfully walking over to the ceremony – where Curtis positively *glowed* with pride and joy as he saw his breathtaking bride-to-be walking toward him, with her parents beside her.

We were lucky to have an extended amount of time after the ceremony to enjoy the gorgeous day and take some photos to commemorate this time for them.

Hope you enjoy!
And don’t forget to read Alicia and Curtis’ love story, written by the lovebirds themselves, at the bottom of this post! Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0236Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0246Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0238Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0242 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0237 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0228
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0217 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0219 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0218 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0216 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0231
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0224Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0220
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0221Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0223  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0222 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0225 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0229 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0230 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0244 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0245 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0233 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0226 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0227 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0235 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0232 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0234  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0241 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography 0239  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0240  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0248 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0254 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0250

And now, some words from the newlyweds themselves!

– Tell us a bit about your love story – How you met and/or how you got engaged?
Ours was a true love at first sight story. It began at a Christmas banquet for young adults at a church in Grimsby, Ontario. Alicia was a first time guest there, and Curtis had been attending for some time. Alicia immediately caught his eye. It began with a simple introduction and quickly spiraled into an all out romance. The two became inseparable, not able to go a day without seeing each other.

From then it was only four months before the couple was engaged (to the day from when they became boyfriend and girlfriend).  It was a beautiful spring day. Alicia was busy setting up and attending her sister in-law’s baby shower, for her very first nephew. This was the perfect opportunity for Curtis to set up a few things of his own. Curtis picked Alicia up from the shower telling her he had made dinner reservations because he knew how busy she had been throughout the day. She was already dressed up for the shower so it was the perfect opportunity. As she got into the Chevy pick-up truck there was a single red rose resting on her seat beside him. Curtis had planned to give her flowers three times that night.
It began with a romantic candle light dinner in an upscale restaurant Alicia had been wanting to go to for some time.  Curtis had gone there earlier and dropped off a dozen roses to be waiting for her at the most romantic table (as requested) when they arrived. They shared an amazing meal together, which included live music as entertainment (perfect with Curtis’ background). From there they proceeded to go on a drive through the scenic back roads of Fonthill, Ontario. Their drive led them to a spot near a river where they had shared romantic walks together many times in the past.
Curtis had excused himself from the vehicle only to return with an acoustic guitar in his hands. He told her he had written her a love song and he wanted to share it with her. After finally calming his nerves he began singing. Alicia was in tears. It was at this time she knew something unforgettable was about to happen. Curtis left the truck to go get Alicia‘s final gift. He returned with a beautiful blue orchid in his hands (Alicia‘s favorite flower). Tied to the the flower was a small bag with an engagement ring in it. Curtis untied the ring from the flower, got down on one knee (in the mud I might add) and asked her to marry him! The rest in now history.
-The Groom
– What was/were your favourite wedding moment(s) (bride & groom)
Bride: My Favourite wedding moments were the ones spent together, just the two of us. With the hustle and bustle of the day, going for a wild ride in the Chevy Bel-Air, taking pictures and walking down in the enchanted forest, and of course stopping to play with the squirrels and ducks, felt as if I was able to hit the pause button; they will forever be ingrained in my memory.
Groom: My Favourite moment was seeing my bride for the first time, it is a moment I will never forget. I also loved the opportunity to share our special day with all my Family and Friends!
– Any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding?
Don’t let the little things get to you. Do your best to plan and be prepared, but not to the sacrificing of your relationship.  On that special day, simply enjoy each other. Enjoy your family and friends. Most importantly… HAVE FUN!
Any final thoughts about the big day/experience of getting married that you’d like to share?
The day will go by faster than a blink of an eye. Try your best to really take in the moment (especially the alone ones with your spouse-they will be rare) … And if you think you won’t be able to, Hire a great photographer like Anastasia (Olive Photography) …it will help when that moment has past and you look back at what it really was… to Marry the Love of Your Life.
-The Bride
– Dress: Annette’s Bridal, St. Catharines, Ontario
– Shoes: Nine West
– Bridesmaids: The Dessy Group
– Veil: Borrowed from Maid of Honor, Iva Laska
– Groom & Groomsmen Suit(s): Tommy Hilfiger, The Hudson’s Bay Co.
– Bouquets: Vermeer’s Garden Centre & Flower Shop, Welland, Ontario
– Centrepieces: Custom-Made by Bridal Party
– Cakes : Above and Beyond, Welland, Ontario (salted caramel)
-Favours: The Madsen Family Apiaries, Lowbanks, Ontario
– Venues: Illuminaqua Centre, Merritt Park, Welland, Ontario
Reception: John-Michael’s Banquet Hall, Thorold, Ontario

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography _0255


Niveen and Rob’s Nature and Sunbeam-Filled Engagement Session

Niveen Rob Engagement web-20 Niveen Rob Engagement web-4 Niveen Rob Engagement web-36
I had a blast photographing these two for their engagement session!

We got to frolic about amongst the gorgeous nature *just* before the leaves started falling off the trees. (Sidenote: It’s amazing how quickly that happens, isn’t it??)

These two are just so much fun and easy to get along with – we chatted, joked, and it even went for lunch while we waited for the ferry back. It felt like we were just hanging out – and we just happened to be snapping photos of their adorable looooove.

And, another awesome bonus to our time together was the unexpected visit of an adorable cat, who calmly strolled right into the middle of our shoot and showed himself off for the camera. Since all three of us have cats we of course had to take some time to properly say hello!

Thanks for a memorable, lovely time, guys!

Really looking forward to photographing your wedding this January 31st!

*Check out the bottom of this post for words from Niveen and Rob themselves about their love story!*
Niveen Rob Engagement web-5 Niveen Rob Engagement web-6Niveen Rob Engagement web-60 Niveen Rob Engagement web-59 Niveen Rob Engagement web-58 Niveen Rob Engagement web-38 Niveen Rob Engagement web-40 Niveen Rob Engagement web-43 Niveen Rob Engagement web-44 Niveen Rob Engagement web-45 Niveen Rob Engagement web-46 Niveen Rob Engagement web-47 Niveen Rob Engagement web-48 Niveen Rob Engagement web-52 Niveen Rob Engagement web-50 Niveen Rob Engagement web-49 Niveen Rob Engagement web-34 Niveen Rob Engagement web-29 Niveen Rob Engagement web-26 Niveen Rob Engagement web-61 Niveen Rob Engagement web-25 Niveen Rob Engagement web-22 Niveen Rob Engagement web-18 Niveen Rob Engagement web-16 Niveen Rob Engagement web-10 Niveen Rob Engagement web-2 Niveen Rob Engagement web-62 Niveen Rob Engagement web-75 Niveen Rob Engagement web-72 Niveen Rob Engagement web-76 Niveen Rob Engagement web-77 Niveen Rob Engagement web-67 Niveen Rob Engagement web

And now for some words from the lovebirds themselves: 

A long long time ago…(more like 6 years ago) a boy with bright ginger hair walked into work for the first time. He was stopped by a nosey brunette who asked “Are you new?” He said “Yes”. She smiled and said “Welcome!”.  Music, and tech geekery brought us together. Our lunch room at work provided Rockband for staff to play and unwind. One afternoon, while Niveen was rocking out on the drums, Rob came by and asked if he could join her on guitar, soon their band formed and was called “What’s for lunch?”. After numerous awkward group work outings, Rob asked Niveen out for dinner, and the rest was history!

Even though we are complete opposites – she’s reckless, he’s patient  (Thankfully) – and come from very different backgrounds and walks of life, the relationship became a bridge. It bridged our families, our cultures and our lives. On a warm summer day, after both had taken the leap to buy a house, they had finally picked up the keys and were filled with anticipation. At the door step of their first home, Rob  “fumbled” and dropped the key on the floor, he then remained on his knee, and asked Niveen to make a home of their new house, together. And it was the best decision she ever made!


Samantha & Darren’s Irish-Themed Wedding

Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-68

This wedding had so many guests from out of town – it’s amazing how love brings people together. And to honour their Irish family background Samantha & Darren had many green touches (my favourite colour!… ‘Olive Photography’ – could you tell?). For instance, Samantha wore gorgeous emerald earrings, super cute green shoes, and had lovely green brooches in her bouquet – along with many other little touches throughout their wedding. What a neat idea to infuse culturally-significant colour into your wedding palate, eh? Definitely some great inspiration in here if you’re planning a wedding!

They also personalized their wedding in the sweetest way by infusing little greyhound accents in adorable unexpected places like the favours, cake topper and signing tree painting. This is because they are parents to a greyhound named Froggy whom they love so much.


And congratulations again, you two. Such a pleasure being your photographer.

Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-56
Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-36 Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-57

Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-65 Page-03 Page-02 Page-01 Page-06
Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-82 Page-05 Page-04 Page-02 copy Page-01 copy Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM - Softer Face Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-52 Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-71 Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-69 Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-67 Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-76 Page-10

Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-50
Page-04 copy
Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-51 Page-09 Page-05 copy Page-03 copy Page-07 Page-08 Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-88 Samantha Darren Wedding FBWM-78

Samantha & Darren – Engaged!

Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-2 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-4
Samantha and Darren actually met 20 years ago (!!) way back in grade 7, then they went to high school together. Darren apparently had a thing for Samantha but she wasn’t ever ‘available’… Then, years later, they ran into each other and sparks flew. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

What a beautiful day it was when we did this engagement session, totally mirroring the full, open love these two share. I couldn’t help but smile as I witnessed how totally into each other they are – and how much they love their fur-baby Froggy! Froggy was a rescue puppy who was originally often caged and used just for racing, and they love her so much and wanted to include her in the photos. I love that.

Thanks for choosing me to document this time for you, guys. Was such a pleasure and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding on July 26th!
Read about their love story from Sam herself at the bottom of this post! 
Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-6 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-5 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-20 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-13 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-8 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-9 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-7 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-25 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-23 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-21 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-19 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-18 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-17 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-26 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-27 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-29 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-12 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-10 Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-3

And now, some words from our bride-to-be!
“Darren and I first met in grade 7, and were part of the same circle of friends in high school, but lost touch afterwards. Over the years we would bump into each other in random places, and would ease into a great conversation. A chance encounter on April Fools, at a local sporting venue I was working at , lead into another a week later with plans to go to dinner soon. There was a lot of emailing and texting in between, but something instantly clicked that first night. Those feelingsintensified by that dinner, which ran seven hours! We talked endlessly and didn’t want the night to come to an end, but neither one of us was willing to risk making a “move” so soon. The following week, while working an event, I watched Darren as he came up the stairs to my area and thought to myself “I can’t just be friends with him!”.  Lucky for me, Darren was thinking the same thing. By the end of the month we were a couple, but I guess you could say it was 20 years in the making.”
Samantha Darren Engagement LR WM-15

Quinn’s 1st Birthday


Baby Quinn just turned 1 and was all smiles this Saturday! I can totally understand why – she is absolutely showered with love by her two amazingly warm, kind mommies.
What a love-filled, sweet family! We had a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, and beautiful nature around us. Was an absolute pleasure photographing this family!
QuinFirstBirthdayLR-7QuinFirstBirthdayLR-9QuinnNewWM QuinFirstBirthdayLR-16QuinFirstBirthdayLR-5QuinFirstBirthdayLR-4
QuinFirstBirthdayLR-6 QuinnFirstBirthdayLR-walkQuinFirstBirthdayLR-3 QuinnFirstBirthdayLR-closeWM QuinnFirstBirthdayLRWM-3 QuinFirstBirthdayLR-13

Rackell & Daniel – Engaged!

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-5 You know that pickup line, ‘do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by you again?’ Seems the universe conspired to give Rackell and Daniel that second look! They went to high school together but didn’t actually talk back then. Then years later, by chance, they happened to meet online and realized their shared history. How interesting is that!
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-21
We visited Toronto’s Centre Island for their engagement session – it’s a magical, nature-filled oasis in the city. There’s also a super cute and historical theme park there (the carousel is over a century old, built in 1907!), and we had a tonne of fun letting our inner kids out.
Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-16When they hopped into the ferris wheel, another neat coincidence occurred – their seat happened to be numbered with Rackell’s lucky number, and she didn’t realize it until she saw these photos. Maybe that number brought her luck after all, since it was supposed to rain that day but the weather held out long enough for us.

Here are some of my favourites from our time together. Aren’t these two just darned adorable? (Scroll to the bottom to read about this love story from our bride-to-be!)

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-4

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-18 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-11 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-14 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-17

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-19 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-22

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-9

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-6 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-31 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-30

RackellDanielNewEditLRWM4 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM3 RackellDanielNewEditLRWM2

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-2 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-33 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-34

And now, here are some words from Rackell about their love story! 

“I knew of Daniel back in High School. He had come to Newtonbrook to finish up his last year (OAC) and I was in grade 11. I remembered seeing him in the hallways, always wearing some type of sports hat and baggy clothing lol

January 2009, my best friend had asked me if I wanted to sign up to Jdate for a 1 month trial, I agreed with her and we signed up together. I did it for fun, little did I know that I was going to meet my future husband!!!

I was scrolling through profiles and noticed Daniel’s picture. I thought he was hot and decided to sent him a “flirt”.
He then a few days later asked me to chat with him and that’s how we got to chat!

We had moved in about 10 months after we met (we met a day before my birthday) and have been together ever since!

Daniel and I are in many ways different, he loves sports (I don’t care much for them), he’s very outgoing with mostly everyone (I am as well but I pick and choose who I’m outgoing with and am slightly shy). I’m a dreamer, he’s not,  he has a ton of energy, I usually don’t lol. We both love animals, watching movies and TV shows, chilling at home or outside, mostly just the two of us and taking walks. We love nature and like to explore when we are on vacation.

I do believe in the zodiac signs, I am a Pisces and he’s a Libra. Pisces are very much dreamers, are indecisive and are very sensitive (THAT’S SO ME). I believe that Daniel keeps me in check and balance while my head is somewhere in the clouds :D”

Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-13 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-32 Rackell Daniel Engagement WM-3
Congratulations, lovebirds. Can’t wait to photograph your wedding this July 6th!

Elyse & Andrew – Engaged… Finally!

After a whopping 12 years together, this super fun pair are getting hitched!

It was a blast photographing this couple’s session – I’m so glad they won the giveaway contest!

They wanted to keep their session light-hearted and even silly at times, which was more than alright with me because the way they are together is gosh darned adorable.

Congrats, you two!

ElyseAndrewPage-01 ElyseAndrewPage-05ElyseAndrewPage-02 ElyseAndrewPage-03 ElyseAndrewPage-04  ElyseAndrewPage-06

Winter Island – Is this actually Toronto?

Iland LR WM-8
Iland LR WM-4

These photos were actually taken in Toronto despite totally looking as though they’re from a Northern territory or the Arctic.

The Toronto Island is one of our absolute favourite places to visit.
We usually go in the Summertime, when the leaves are lush and the colours are vibrant… it’s an incredibly magical place, giving you a sense of calm and ease that makes you forget you’re in such a busy city.

We’d never visited the island in the Winter before, so we thought we’d try it out – something different (yet still of significance to our relationship) for our tenth anniversary.

What we saw was nothing short of awe-inspiring.
It was like the entire island had been white-washed – all the colours had been blanketed and muted with a soft, cool blue/white hue, and where we could normally see out into the horizon close to nothing was visible. We had to squint and double-take because it felt like our mind was playing tricks on us.
You can see in the picture of Kiron (my husband) on the beach, all we could see was white!

If you haven’t visited the island in the Winter we heartily recommend it. The crunchy, icy trip over is a little frightening (to me, at least), but everything about a winter island visit is invigorating!

Here are some of the pictures I took on our memorable trek.

Iland LR WM-5 Iland LR WM-6 Iland LR WM-7 Iland LR WM-3 Iland LR WM-10 Iland LR WM-11 Iland LR WM-12 Iland LR WM-13 Iland LR WM-14 Iland LR WM-15 Iland LR WM-16 Iland LR WM-17 Iland LR WM-18 Iland LR WM-19
After the island we went for dinner at the Mövenpick Marché in the Brookfield Place (formerly BCE Place) – you may recognize those arches – since it’s where we had our first ever date. We even sat in the same seats!  Iland LR WM-20

And this is one of the beautiful architectural details within Union station. You can see it on your next visit there if you just look up!
Iland LR WM-2

And, some final portraits we took of each other while enjoying our time out. You can see more photos taken by Kiron on his Instagram @kironcmukherjee if you like!
Iland LR WM

Stay warm, my friends!
– But also enjoy the beauty that Winter brings!

Lots of love,

The Giacca Kids – Family Session

GiaccaSiblingsLR smaller-14

Monika approached me with a really sweet idea: she and her brothers wanted to get some portraits taken as a special gift to their parents for Christmas.
They decided they would print one of the photos super large and frame it, and put the rest into a special album. (Can you guess which one they wanted to frame?)

What a beautifully sentimental gift, and wonderful way to celebrate sibling love. I’m sure their parents will be so touched.

It was a pleasure, guys!

GiaccaSiblingsLR smaller-11

GiaccaSiblingsLR smaller

GiaccaSiblingsLR smaller-3

GiaccaSiblingsLR smaller-17

GiaccaSiblingsLR smaller-5

Meagan & Adriano – Engaged!

Meagan and Adriano had a sense they were meant for each other before they had even technically met – they found each other online and knew the chemistry was right. They began dating and on their 2-year anniversary Adriano proposed at dinner – with a unique twist.

His family owns a flatbread company that has its name in grocery stores across the country and naturally, since it’s so delicious, they planned to have some of it with their meal. Adriano saw an opportunity to surprise Meagan and he hid the ring in the flatbread box – she was genuinely surprised and elated!

I had the honour of photographing these two lovebirds this month, and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding on September 27th, 2013!

Without further adieu, the happy couple!
(Click on the photos to enlarge.)