Baby Jacob’s First Photo Session

This li’l guy is just over a month old, but he’s so expressive you’d think he was already 2 years old! Check out the photos for yourself – He’s so expressive and has such personality.

He was so relaxed and followed my camera with his eyes almost the entire session. What a curious cutie.BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-16 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-14 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-4 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-3 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-7 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-8 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-6 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-5 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-2 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-10 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-20 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-9 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-11 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-13 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-12 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-18 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM-17 BabyJacobFamilyLRWM - Lighter mom hold

Newborn Josiah Liam

JosiahLiamLRWM-10 JosiahLiamLRWM
Ah, Josiah. Baby to two of the sweetest parents you’ll ever meet, Chantelle and Joel. I had the pleasure of photographing those two back when they were engaged, and it was absolutely amazing to see them again – with a new life they’d created! I can’t tell you how cool I think that is.

During our session baby Josiah was ever-so-curious, eyes wide and scanning the entire environment around him. So no sleepy shots for this curious fellow. (His eyes are beautiful, though, so that wasn’t a problem, and I got to witness his developing personality.) What was really amazing was that if you called him, he looked *directly* at you. That’s so rare for a baby this young! His sight is likely still being developed but it was pretty incredible to be looked at like that by a week-old mini person.

It was also wonderful to meet Chantelle’s mum who had flown all the way from England to see her new grandchild – she glowed when I asked her how it feels to be a grandmother.

It’s so evident that this li’l one is absolutely adored and loved to the fullest. It was a joy to be in the presence of this family and photograph this beautiful time in their life.

Thank you for coming over, guys! Please feel free to come back anytime!

JosiahLiamLRWM-14 JosiahLiamLRWM-4JosiahLiamLRWM-19 JosiahLiamLRWM-20JosiahLiamLRWM-15 JosiahLiamLRWM-13 JosiahLiamLRWM-8 JosiahLiamLRWM-6 JosiahLiamLRWM-5JosiahLiamLRWM-3 JosiahLiamLRWM-7 JosiahLiamLRWM-11 JosiahLiamLRWM-12 JosiahLiamLRWM-16 JosiahLiamLRWM-17 JosiahLiamLRWM-18 JosiahLiamLRWM-21 JosiahLiamLRWM-newdaddylook JosiahLiamLRWM-22

Baby Logan – 6 Days Old

Logan Newborn LRWM-5
To spend time with such a delicate, beautiful new life is beyond magical. Although Logan was only 6 days old, he was moving and twisting and attempting to roll around – was so hard to believe he was less than a week old! So cool.

Here are some of the photos I took of him between his energetic moving about. I’ll always treasure this session and look forward to photographing more babies in the future!!

Also, how adorable is the love Logan’s two siblings Mia and Mason have for their new little brother? They kept saying ‘my baby’ and going over to kiss and hug him. So beautiful.
Logan Newborn LRWM-7 Logan Newborn LRWM-15 Logan Newborn LRWM-2 Logan Newborn LRWM-3
Logan Newborn LRWM-24 Logan Newborn LRWM-26 Logan Newborn LRWM-25 Logan Newborn LRWM-20 Logan Newborn LRWM-10 Logan Newborn LRWM-12 Logan Newborn LRWM-14 Logan Newborn LRWM-11 Logan Newborn LRWM-8 Logan Newborn LRWM-9 Logan Newborn LRWM-4 Logan Newborn LRWM-18 Logan Newborn LRWM-16 Logan Newborn LRWM-6 Logan Newborn LRWM-17 Logan Newborn LRWM-19 Logan Newborn LRWM-13 Logan Newborn LRWM Logan Newborn LRWM-21 Logan Newborn LRWM-22 Logan Newborn LRWM-23