Lesley & Peter’s Sports & Nature Engagement Session

LesleyPeterEngagementLRWM-45 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0400

Lesley and Peter are big sports fans – They particularly enjoy watching Raptors basketball and Maple Leafs hockey games. They also like going to concerts. With that in mind, since I love photographing couples in environments that reflect their unique story, it just made sense to photograph part of their engagement session at the Air Canada Centre. This was a unique location that was a lot of fun to shoot! I asked Lesley and Peter to bring a basketball to their session to incorporate as a cheeky little prop – and I just adore how cutely it showcased this couple’s super cute height difference when we had Lesley stand on it to reach Peter for a kiss!

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0399Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0398Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0397Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0396

After the ACC we headed on over the High Park, a location that’s been so popular this month thanks to the Sakura blooms. But, this couple was super happy to explore the park to check out the various totally awesome, unique areas it has to offer. And I *love* exploring, so this was a tonne of fun for me as well! That’s pretty much how I like to work anyway – We pick a spot, go for a walk and chat, and I get all excited when I see some amazing light or a wicked cool backdrop to use.

We had such a nice time, and I’m so looking forward to photographing Lesley and Peter’s wedding at Marquis Gardens in Burlington on August 29th!
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0403 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0409 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0411 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0408 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0405 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0406Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0401Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0404  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0412 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0413 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0410 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0402 LesleyPeterEngagementLRWM-44

And now for some words from the lovebirds themselves!

“The past 4 years have been quite the journey!  From traveling the world, sharing in our love for the Toronto Raptors/Maple Leafs, experimenting with cooking to enjoying the nature around us, these have been the solid foundations of our relationship.

We wanted the locations of our engagement shoot to represent a part of who we are as a couple. We spend a lot of time at the ACC cheering on the Raptors and Leafs and seeing our favourite bands in concert so we knew it had to be our first stop!

We are both very excited to begin a new chapter in our lives together and look forward to everything that will come our way on this great adventure!”

Thanks so much for sharing your story, guys! And thanks for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful love ❤

Olive Photography

Scarlett & Atul’s High Park Sakura Engagement Session

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0380 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0379

They met in Taipei, then, as though living in a movie, they met up in many cities around the world before finally deciding to settle in together where he lived, in Toronto. Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0388Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0387Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0390Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0384Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0385 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0392
From the couple themselves:
“Our story is very simple, with just a tiny bit of a modern twist. We were both working too hard and didn’t have the time nor the luck to find the other half. Then we met online and everything just clicked so well and so soon. After meeting for the first time in Taipei (4 months into knowing each other), we knew we found our better halves. Over the course of the following year, we made plans to meet each other in different cities of the world since we both traveled a lot at work anyways. And by the 20th month or so we were engaged and I left my job, my family and my country behind and moved to the other hemisphere to start our new life together with him. As for why we wanted the cherry blossoms for our engagement session, it’s even simpler. Just like how we found each other, the Sakura photo is also a simple timing thing. Such a gorgeous bloom, so rare and precious, and just as luck would have it, it’s in season just around the same time as we were looking for engagement photos. So we figured, why not? This coincidence/timing is just like us, a sort of meant-to-be thing.”
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0386Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0381Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0382
Thank you for inviting me into your lives to document this special time, lovebirds. Though I am already booked on your wedding day, it was an honour to still spend time in the presence of your love and photograph your full-on, smile-inducing joy ❤ Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0383 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0389

With love,

Olive Photography

*Featured* on The Wedding Co.!

I love this engagement session so much. These high school sweethearts are just that… sweethearts.
Kelsey & Nico are *featured* on The Wedding Co.today – These two make me swoon big time. ❤
Check out the feature here: http://www.theweddingco.com/engagement-shoot-by-olive-photography/Toronto engagement  Toronto Island engagement Olive Photography

Ashley & Jalal – Engaged!

There’s most certainly a spark between Ashley and Jay – one that sizzles, if ya know what I mean.

This pair is hot together, and it’s evident that they are super into each other. While I photographed them embracing one another I heard Jay complimenting Ashley – it made me gush just a bit.

We went to Toronto’s Polson Pier to photograph their engagement session since the view of the city from there is really pretty awesome. If you haven’t been, go check it out!

Unfortunately it was CRAZY windy, so much of the session involved Jay having to help Ashley move her beautifully done hair out of her face, and wiping the wind-induced tears from her eyes (messing with her also beautifully done makeup) – we joked about how him ‘fixing’ her was the theme of the session.
Despite the wind, however, we did have fun, and we managed to get some really sweet moments captured when the wind took a bit of a break. They even enjoyed playing a quick round of one of their favourite board games – how cute!

We also munched on some really yummy fries and poutine from a nearby food truck whose scent was wafting onto the beach, tempting us to wrap up and eat! Haha. Of course, that lent itself to a fun impromptu photo-op as well.
… Great, now I want french fries again… 😛

Here are some photos from our time together, as well as some words from the bride and groom-to-be at the end!
AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-40AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-39 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-34AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-36
AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-2 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-20 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-24 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-18 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-19 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-17

AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-37 AshleyJalalEngagementPrint-38

And now, some words from the happy couple:

“It was the night of the Grey Cup Event… After meeting at a local pub for some cocktails after a long day’s work, the two couldn’t wait to kick back and get to know one another over good conversation and some drinks. A local “regular” couldn’t help himself from visiting the table frequently and striking up conversation with the cute couple. J’s amazing sense of humour and ability to kindly tolerate the poor lonely man was admirable. However, his firmness and fearlessness in finally telling the guy to bug off and “allow him some time alone with his pretty lady”, really won Ashley over! From that night on, they were basically inseperable, enjoying any and every minute they could together…”

When it happened: Sunday, August 25, 2013
How it happened:
“What a better way to start the evening then a night at the Canadian National Exibition! After an evening of fun and entertainment with close friends, Jay was adamant about getting home by midnight. Wondering if they were going to turn into pumpkins, Ashley was reluctant and curious as to why it was so important to be home early on a Saturday night. After heading to the Danforth for a night cap with their friends, the two finally headed home to retire for the evening… or so she thought.

When Ashley got home, she immediately headed upstairs to bed. Jay came up insisting she wait, and come downstairs with him. After she agreed, he took her by the hand and guided her downstairs into her family’s dining room. As she asked “what are we doing?!”, she walked into the room lit with candles, and dressed with flowers. Jay presented her with champagne, sweets and… a small jewelery box! Jay asked, Ashley said yes, and so the story continues…”

Makeup: Shari at Sutherland Artistry
Lashes: Jennifer Couto at Lasholiscious
Hair: Daniel Palacio at Deberardinis Salon and Spa


Anastasia Giaouris

May & Kareem’s Cozy Winter Engagement Session

May and Kareem have been in a long distance relationship for six years, living in different countries and seeing one another only about four times a year. I can only imagine how much they miss each other while apart, and it’s no wonder they hold on so tightly when together.

When Kareem came to visit over the holidays he proposed. Soon they’ll get to create a home and life together – I’m so excited for them! They’ll likely be moving away to a country with no snow (where Kareem works), so they wanted to capture their engagement session in the snow to remember how beautiful winter can be.

What’s even more beautiful, however, is their full-on and completely adorable love for each other. What a remarkable love these two share. Their eyes shine so brightly when they look at each other, and their smiles are unbelievably warm and unmistakeably full of the deepest joy.

We had such a lovely time walking around as dreamy snowflakes fell around us. The weather was cold but our hearts were warm. The hot chocolate with marshmallows (one of their fave winter things) helped too. (Yum!)

Guys, it was such a pleasure capturing this happy time for you! Witnessing love like yours is part of why I love this job so much. Such an incredible honour.

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