Ike + Susan’s Toronto Island Engagement Session

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0314
We decided to photograph Ike and Susan’s engagement session on the Toronto Island because it is close to their home and, well, let’s just be honest, it’s amazing.

The Toronto Island is one of my favourite places to hang out, so I’m always excited to shoot there – any excuse to spend time there and I’m in! Even in the Winter… It’s just magical.

It was neat that we could actually see Ike and Susan’s building from the island – as the sun set it was pretty incredible to see the warm glow of the sun radiating not just over the skyline, but also through all the condo/office windows! Like our very own real life shadow box.

While on the island we had a bevvy at The Rectory Cafe, then strolled along the various picturesque spots the island has to offer – and I got to revel in the cuteness that this couple has to offer!
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0320 toronto wedding photographerToronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0316Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0317 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0318 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0330 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0329Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0337 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0327 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0326 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0328

Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0334 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0325 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0323   Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0331 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0333 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0332
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0315
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0340
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0322Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0324  Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0321 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0336 Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0339   Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0338
Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0335Toronto Wedding Photographer Olive Photography_0341 Toronto Wedding Photographer

Thanks so much for a wonderful first visit of the season to the island, guys! And I cannot wait for your wedding super soon! 2 more weeks!! ❤ ❤

Winter Island – Is this actually Toronto?

Iland LR WM-8
Iland LR WM-4

These photos were actually taken in Toronto despite totally looking as though they’re from a Northern territory or the Arctic.

The Toronto Island is one of our absolute favourite places to visit.
We usually go in the Summertime, when the leaves are lush and the colours are vibrant… it’s an incredibly magical place, giving you a sense of calm and ease that makes you forget you’re in such a busy city.

We’d never visited the island in the Winter before, so we thought we’d try it out – something different (yet still of significance to our relationship) for our tenth anniversary.

What we saw was nothing short of awe-inspiring.
It was like the entire island had been white-washed – all the colours had been blanketed and muted with a soft, cool blue/white hue, and where we could normally see out into the horizon close to nothing was visible. We had to squint and double-take because it felt like our mind was playing tricks on us.
You can see in the picture of Kiron (my husband) on the beach, all we could see was white!

If you haven’t visited the island in the Winter we heartily recommend it. The crunchy, icy trip over is a little frightening (to me, at least), but everything about a winter island visit is invigorating!

Here are some of the pictures I took on our memorable trek.

Iland LR WM-5 Iland LR WM-6 Iland LR WM-7 Iland LR WM-3 Iland LR WM-10 Iland LR WM-11 Iland LR WM-12 Iland LR WM-13 Iland LR WM-14 Iland LR WM-15 Iland LR WM-16 Iland LR WM-17 Iland LR WM-18 Iland LR WM-19
After the island we went for dinner at the Mövenpick Marché in the Brookfield Place (formerly BCE Place) – you may recognize those arches – since it’s where we had our first ever date. We even sat in the same seats!  Iland LR WM-20

And this is one of the beautiful architectural details within Union station. You can see it on your next visit there if you just look up!
Iland LR WM-2

And, some final portraits we took of each other while enjoying our time out. You can see more photos taken by Kiron on his Instagram @kironcmukherjee if you like!
Iland LR WM

Stay warm, my friends!
– But also enjoy the beauty that Winter brings!

Lots of love,

Alyssa & Bruno – Engaged!



I first met Alyssa 6 months ago in chilly March to photograph her son Mason’s first birthday Cake Smash. I couldn’t believe how unbelievably cute this little boy was! With golden locks, big  and soul-searching blue eyes and a completely endearing wide smile, Mason was somethin’ special.
Now, Alyssa’s got another special thing in her life – a fiance who truly seems to be utterly enamoured with her. When we were walking and casually discussing their relationship during our session he candidly mentioned the thought that crossed his mind when he met her: “Where have you been all my life?” It was the sweetest thing.





Alyssa and Bruno wanted me to take their engagement photos at a place they – and I – really love: Toronto’s Centre Island. There’s something so romantic about the whole experience of venturing to the island, exploring, breathing in that undoubtedly cleaner, fuller air amongst all the lush greenery and sounds of nature. Aaahhh… Let me just sit with that and smile for a moment…



… Gotta love that place.



Anyhow, we had a really great time on a Fall day that felt so much like Summer. The bright, happy sun was a reflection of the spirits of the two lovebirds in front of my lens.
They’re pretty smitten together. And the look Bruno gives Alyssa just melts my heart.




Here are a few words from Alyssa about how Bruno proposed:
‘We were laying down in bed relaxing, and he asked If we could use the computer because he had made me a slide show of pictures of me, him and my kids. I said sure, we can look at the slide show, so we sat in bed watching the slide show. There were very cute pictures of me and him and a couple of pictures of my children. At the very end he wrote on the slide show ‘would you marry me?’ He had placed the open ring box on the computer but I hadn’t seen it until then since the room was dark… and of course I said yes :)’

Thanks for letting me be a part of your special time, guys. It was a pleasure.